Four things for the Summer

I have four things I want to get done in the next month. I’m off on my hols on 18th July, and I want to have these items done before then. Not necessarily for my holiday packing, but because I want them done! In order…

First of all, I *have* to do the Frozen cloak for littlest niece and it *needs* to be squee-worthy. I’ve got pale blue mesh and matching sequins, I’ve got rhinestones, I’ve  got detailed measurements, I’ve got a load of Disney Princess inspiration…



So that’s good to go.

Secondly, I received the beautiful chambray from K of Sew Much 2 Learn and I don’t want it languishing, unused and forlorn, in my stash. So I am going to make a Belcarra blouse with it. This will be a bit of an experiment for me, because it’s potentially a shapeless mass of fabric, and I do need my clothing to have *some* structure to be in any way flattering for me- I can’t do sacks! But I saw Ruth’s and it seems to fit nicely on her, so I’m going to give it a whirl. I will need to do a bit of pattern futzing, including an FBA, plus I may find I need to add some darting or other shaping, for it not to look too much like I just cut some squares & sewed them together.  There will be a trial run (aka a wearable toile), using the floral print cotton I got at Goldhawk Road.Then, assuming I can make it nicely enough that I want more of the same, I will have a go with that delicate cloudy blue/grey cotton. This will definitely help with my existing wardrobe.

Thirdly, having signed up for the Summer Sundress Sewalong, I’m going to treat this as the impetus to finish the teal dress from last autumn. I’ve got everything I need for it, it’s cut out and partially sewn, I know what changes I need to make to it, and I know what finishing touches I want for it (and have all the necessary gubbins), I just need to blooming-well do it. If I can get it done, then I might think of some other summer sundress project, but I’m Keepin’ It Real for now.

And last but by no means least, I received the Style Arc Belinda pattern from the lovely Fiona at Seams Straightforward, and again, it seems rude not to take advantage of it sooner rather than later. Plus this is a driver for creating some more useful wardrobe basics. This top looks flattering and well within my personal styling preferences. I’ve got some plain black jersey and plain white jersey to try it with. She also sent me another Style Arc pattern, the Amy top, which I also want to use, but being realistic it’s going to have to wait a little while- I’m not that prolific in my sewing!

That’s the plan for now. It’s possibly a bit ambitious, because I may be taking on some extra work (in addition to my day job, my volunteer job and my dance teaching job) and I may be more tired of an evening. But let’s see just how far I can get with this.


10 thoughts on “Four things for the Summer

  1. Sounds like a great plan too me! I am doing the Summer Sundress Sew-along too. Hope to have some “squee-worthy” sundresses made over the next few months! I look forward to seeing all your makes- especially that Frozen cloak!

    • Well, I’m not good at sticking to plans when I make them so detailed. The best thing about having a plan, as far as I’m concerned, is that it’s *your* plan and you can change it if it’s not working for you! But I feel good that I’ve got the Elsa cloak started. I think it’s going to be a good one.

    • I’m already planning what knitting/sewing projects I can take with me! The second part of the hols will be back in Penzance, where I found a good knitting shop last time. But it would appear that there are a couple of sewing shops too, so I’ll have to find out more about those.

  2. That’s a lot of plans! I’m very intrigued to see the Belcarra blouse in particular – I’ve had my eye on that pattern for a while! And ‘Frozen’ cloak sounds awesome! I’ve still not seen the film, but I want that cloak!!

  3. It’s good to have A PLAN! Both the tops you mention look good, I agree that Ruth’s Belcarra looks better than the one in Sewaholic’s pictures. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

    • It’s next on the list after the Elsa cloak. I’ve got a good feeling about the Belcarra. I’m already looking at my stash to see if there’s anything else I can use for more versions!

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