Let the Elsa-ing begin

I’ve got the Elsa cloak under way.

The main body of the cloak has been constructed and I even bothered to make the inside a bit tidy, even though this is purely for dressing up. I’ve got the edge beading started, and I can usually go quite quickly with this technique, but I’ve got about five metres of it to do, what with the cloak being so voluminous (for maximum swishiness) and trailing (for maximum princessiness). But it’s been fun to be doing some serious beading again!

The Elsaning

The Elsaning

And then I’ll have to work out how much snowflake beading I need to do, and how I’m going to do it. I’m thinking of a combination of sequin embroidery and glueing on rhinestones. That’s going to be the most time-consuming part of this make.

I’m half toying with the notion of letting littlest niece have a hand in the glueing of crystals but it would have to be with her mother’s informed consent – that E6000 glue is extremely stinky and probably very bad for a young person’s health!


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