The Blinging commences

It’s coming along…

The neckline of the Elsa c;oak

The neckline of the Elsa cloak

I’ve done edge-beading, with sequins and seed beads, in the hope that it will give the cloak enough weight to be swish-able, but not make it so heavy that it can only fall down. The sequins are a pale iridescent blue, and although I would have preferred cup sequins, because they give a lot more sparkle, I couldn’t find any when I was looking, so I’m using flat ones, that I have to keep taking off the string, which is a mild irritation. One I can live with, as the colour is very pretty.

I’m adding sequin snowflakes, and I’m not even going to attempt to make them at all symmetrical. I’ll do as many as I can stand- I got started on them this evening and at the moment I seem to be quite slow at making them, so it may not be as many as the actual (cartoon) cloak.

And the final addition is AB crystals. Again, I’ll need to be careful about the weight they add to the cloak. They’re quite heavy around the neckline, because that part of the cloak doesn’t need much in the way of movement, but I’ll be adding them, rather more sparsely, onto the body of the cloak. They’re acrylic, so not as heavy as crystal ones, but nevertheless, the hundred-odd that I’ve glued on so far are making a significant difference to the weight of the piece, so I know I’ll need to be careful.

I think I’m going to break my “one project at a time” rule, because if I only work on this, I won’t get anything else done before I go away. So this weekend (subject to the Gentleman Friend having Ideas about what we should be doing) is when I start trying to get the Belcarra blouse pattern to work for me.


6 thoughts on “The Blinging commences

    • My sisters and I were incredibly lucky with our dressing up dresses when we were little. Mum was a Pillar Of The Community and was always helping out with church jumble sales. We lived in a nicely well-to-do village in Surrey, and she always managed to nab gorgeous 50s & 60s cocktail and evening dresses, which we’d play princesses in. This would have been in the late 60s and 70s. I could cry now, looking back at how we must have ruined those poor dresses!

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