Oh! My! Stars!

I got the BEST Spring Sewing Swap partner EVAH!!!

I always love a swap or a secret santa with online people, because it’s interesting to put together a package of goodies for someone else, and what’s not to love about getting a package of goodies back in turn from someone else? So When Kestrel Makes announced the Spring Sewing Swap 2014, I wasn’t backward in signing up for it. I was paired up with Anne of Pretty Grievances, and it felt like it was a match made in heaven. I’ve always admired her style and wit- if you don’t know about her Wearable Wednesday posts, you totally need to go check them out!

I put together a parcel of stuff for Anne, ummed and ahhed about whether I was reading her style right, whether I had picked the right things to put in it. And like the Queen of the Last Minute that I am, I just about got it in so that she should receive it in time for today’s deadline. I think that between them Royal Mail and USPS got it there in time.

Meanwhile, on the receiving end of the swap, I got the note from Parcelforce that they’d tried to deliver a parcel to me a few days ago, and managed to get to the Post Office to pick it up today- and OH what a complete delight it was to open it, and paw my way through all the Lovely Things that Anne put in. I am now feeling mortified at how mean and paltry my own swap package for her was, because Anne has sent me a TON of amazing stuff!

Lookit all the pretties!!!

Lookit all the pretties!!!

Let’s just have a wander around that little lot for a while. Let me point out the fabulously colourful and floral fabric (Ann knew I can’t resist a floral). And there’s about four metres of the stuff- plenty for a Summer Sundress! I’m not sure what sort of fabric it is, rayon maybe? But it’s beautifully soft and very wearable, and I can’t wait to use it. Plus there’s American candy there wrapped up in the bow, and a dinky little notebook with its own pen, very handy for writing down all my sewing plans.

Pattern Goodies

Pattern Goodies

Then there were three – count ’em! – patterns. PLUS a Burda Style magazine, which contains some beauties. I’ve got no excuse now for failing to go through the Rite of Passage that is trying to trace off a Burda Style pattern.

Shiny shiny things!

Shiny shiny things!

And I swear Anne emptied the contents of her jewellery drawer into my parcel, because there’s a glorious selection of beads and shiny things for me to play with…


Anne, you are a diamond girl – you read me like a book!


10 thoughts on “Oh! My! Stars!

    • It’s crying out to be used for a summer sundress. Fingers crossed that I can make something with it in the next couple of weeks before I go away. (I’m a firm believer in wishful thinking!)

    • Hi Kerry, nice to see you here! Thank you so much for pairing me with Anne- it was inspired matching! And thanks also for hosting this fabulous swap! I’m so looking forward to seeing all the rest of the posts.

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