Shewd Commercial Practice

I cannot tell a lie- I am a big fan of the whole Alabama Chanin style of making garments. I love the idea of slow hand-sewing, I love the hand-stitched decoration, I love that AC are pretty giving with their downloadable stencils and the books giving you the skinny on how to do it yourself. I admit I haven’t quite got round to reading the books yet, or trying to make anything in the AC style, but that doesn’t stop me loving it.

And in today’s bloglovin feed, up pops this post about a new DIY kit they’re selling, to embellish your very own AC tunic.

Image from Alabama Chanin website

Image from Alabama Chanin website

The price- it burned!!! 130 of your fine American dollars. I wondered to myself, how much would it cost to get the t-shirt and do it yourself without the kit. The basic tunic without the embellishment still costs $98 on its own- fair enough, I’ll grant that it’s organic cotton jersey, which isn’t cheap, but it’s not even one of their hand-made garments, it’s machined. You’re paying $32 for the convenience of not having to stencil the t-shirt yourself, plus a bit of thread and beading that can’t cost more than five bucks! And of course for the name…

Alabama Chanin, I thank you for a world of inspiration, and I salute your business savvy!


2 thoughts on “Shewd Commercial Practice

    • Oh lordy, I’m not buying it! Just admiring her business chutzpah.

      But, yeah, I do like the idea of a beautiful hand-sewn piece, and I don’t mind the time, when I think it will be worth it. It’s part of the reason I enjoy embellishing my clothing.

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