OWOP ideas

Handmade Jane has been posting about OWOP 2014. For anyone unfamiliar with it, OWOP is One Week One Pattern, where you are committing to wear garments from the same pattern throughout the week of 6th to 12th September. The choice of pattern is up to you.

I reckon I should be able to do it. The only question is- which pattern? I was thinking separates, because they are more flexible and easier to style differently.

In the skirts department, I’ve got two options. I could go with self-drafted circle skirts, of which I have at least 5, though whether they would be work-appropriate and season-appropriate (early September could be very summery, or it could be very autumnal, it’s a gamble) is another issue. Or I could opt for my TNT McCalls 3830 straight skirt, which I’ve used three times already. All three of those skirts look different, but if I do go for this one, I’d probably try and go for a fourth version before OWOP starts, because I’ve got specific plans and fabric in the stash for at least three more.

McCalls 3830

McCalls 3830 Straight Skirt


If I think about tops, then we’re on thinner ice! I gots none. However, I’ve been working today on getting the Belcarra pattern adapted, and *if* this works out, then I fully intend to make a shedload of them.

Sewaholics: Belcarra blouse

Sewaholics: Belcarra blouse

I’ve got the hippy floral from Goldhawk Road cut out, hopefully as a wearable toile, but I’m off to visit my friend in Greenwich and it’s going to be an overnighter and I didn’t want to start sewing and try to get things done in a hurry. So the intention is to get it sewn up tomorrow, when I get back. Then with luck and a following wind I can get a second one done in the week, before I go off on my hols. I’m seeing it as a potential stash-buster pattern. I’ve got at least four versions in my head for this, so I do hope that it works for me!

So I’m not posting my commitment on Jane’s blog yet, pending a decision. If anyone has strong enough views to try and sway me, I’d be very happy for the input.

10 thoughts on “OWOP ideas

  1. Ooh, that’s a cunning challenge – I salute you for going for it! I always think about how I’d fare if I went for a ‘wear it’ challenge and realised I’ve actually got more me-made tops than skirts, maybe because finding tops that fit me is such a nightmare?! In any case I agree with you about going for separates, especially with our climate – you never know what it will throw at you! Good luck, whichever pattern you choose, and can’t wait to see how you wear it! Sx

    • I keep thinking, it’s only a week, of course I can do this! Whichever pattern I go for, I feel I need to have at least four versions of it, because I can’t get away with too much repetition at work- it would look like lazy dressing!

    • It’s going to be like a nice short version of Me Made May! Only one week, it’s perfectly manageable, I keep telling myself,

  2. I’ve had great luck with fit from sewaholic. I don’t have that particular pattern – but want it! I’ve been making a ton of renfrews. I may have to read more about this challenge. 🙂

    • Choosing the pattern is going to be the hardest part, I fear. The main difficulty I’m having is using one that is versatile enough to cover a late Summer as well as an early Autumn,

      I think of that skirt pattern as a great blank canvas- using different fabrics or embellishments allows each skirt I make with it to look completely different.

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