Inspiration at the V&A

Remember this post when I was saying I wanted to go to some of the Victoria & Albert museum exhibitions? Well today I did! I got to spend Saturday evening and today with my bestie and one of the things we’d agreed we both wanted was to go to see the Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition AND the Wedding Dresses exhibition. We loved them both!!! Though we agreed that the wedding dresses was slightly more our favourite! No photography was permitted, sadly. However, the V&A have a pinterest board for the exhibition, and a Made In Italy board– it’s not all the items, but it’s a reasonable sample.

I’m feeling all inspired and excited!

And I’m looking forward to the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition next Spring.

Savage Beauty – image from the V&A website



10 thoughts on “Inspiration at the V&A

  1. Very envious of your lovely day out, and that you will see Savage Beauty. I love the V&A, it’s my fave museum, but such a long way away for me.

    • The Savage Beauty exhibition will be on for about four months. It might be worth planning a day trip or even a weekend one, maybe with a visit to Goldhawk Road/Shepherds Bush Market thrown in? Tempty tempty tempt!

      • Hmm, well, I will be retired by then, so a lady of leisure … 😀
        I understood that the tickets had sold out already though?

      • You won’t know unless you look. Tell you what, if you do want to come down, I’d be happy to do the exhibition with you. And any related fabric shopping!

      • Now, that would be lovely! I will investigate the tickets business. I was told it was sold out, but perhaps that was just advance tickets?

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Francesca! Fiona and I are definitely making plans to see it in London, when it arrives here.

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