The Watermelon Belcarra and a quick OWOP update

Yesterday, I sewed my first Sewaholics pattern. And I wore it to work today. And I’ll be taking it on holiday. It’s so cool and easy to wear. That’s partly to do with the pattern which is nice and loose on the body, not clingy, and partly to do with the fabric I used, which is a very loose-woven cotton, almost muslin-ish.

Watermelon Belcarra

Watermelon Belcarra

It’s the Watermelon, just because of the colours.

What can I say about the process? I had to grade up the pattern, of course, but it was pretty straightforward. I also did an FBA, which was pretty easy. While I’m not the archetypal Sewaholic pear-shape at all, with those adjustments the pattern works fine for me.

I didn’t use French seams, despite originally thinking I would, so the seams are just straightforward sew it up & turn the edges under to neaten. The neatening isn’t exactly neat! It’s functional, in that it will prevent the fabric from fraying, but it’s not a thing of beauty. I slip-stitched the neckline binding by hand, rather than machine-stitching it in place, because I wanted a smooth finish. I also sewed the cuffs on as though they were giant bias-binding, rather than using the technique outlined in the pattern. Again, that was hand sewing, rather than machining.

I haven’t done anything to prettify it. It doesn’t need anything extra- it’s got great big hippy flowers all over it, so I don’t know what I could add!

There is one thing I did that was different to how I usually work, I suppose- I cut the fabric out on a different day than I started the sewing. It was because I was cutting out at a time when I knew I wouldn’t have time to start any sewing. And actually it was definitely helpful. It meant that when I was cutting, I didn’t feel an urge to get straight on with the sewing, so I could take my time and do a good job of it. And when it came to the sewing, I had a really good psychological start, because I’d already got the “boring” job of cutting out and marking up out of the way. I’ll definitely have to try that again.

What do I love about this make? It’s so Summery! It’s a quick easy make, I’m definitely going to be making more of these. I also feel more encouraged to try the Renfrew and Cambie patterns.

However… It’s not going to be my OWOP pattern- I’ve decided on the McCalls straight skirt. I can see them as being a bit more versatile for the potentially transitional weather conditions of early September. I’ll be making one more in readiness, maybe two if I find the time/urge. I’ve posted publicly on Handmade Jane’s sign-up post, so there’s no going back. Anyone else thinking about it?


13 thoughts on “The Watermelon Belcarra and a quick OWOP update

  1. Gorgeously summery! I love it! Impressed at your sewing-speed, too. I know what you mean, sometimes it’s lovely to sit and take your time and finish everything beautifully, and other times you just want something fun and quick to make that you can wear. And let’s be honest, those seams look a-OK to me on the outside!

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s a lovely pattern to make and definitely it’s very satisfying to be able to complete a piece that quickly.

      The main reason the neatening of my seams inside is so ropey is that a lot of them are cut on the bias, which makes turning them under a bit fiddly. But I’m no perfectionist- I’m happy to go with substance over style!

  2. Love your top and gorgeous fabric. I always cut out on a different day. I usually cut 3 or 4 projects in one go and bundle them up. That way sewing day is just that – a day of sewing.

    • That sounds even better. Though I tend to worry if I’ve got more than one project on the go at once, in case I end up starting lots of things and finishing none!

  3. Your Belcarra is lovely, the simple design really shows off the fabric, I definitely need to try this pattern! I tend to cut out my fabric on a different day, it’s much nicer to get everything organised so I can just start sewing. I’m not sure about the owop challenge, could possibly get away with using my Scout tees, I’ve made three do far, if I have the time I could rustle up a couple more, I will have a ponder!

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