FO – Littlest Niece’s cloak

I am back from the France portion of my hols.

This is my great grandmother's house. This section of it belongs to Littlest Niece's mother. It is, I'm not kidding, a minute's walk from the beach.

This is my great grandmother’s house. This section of it belongs to Littlest Niece’s mother. It is, I’m not kidding, a minute’s walk from the beach.


Lunch! This is the life!

Tomorrow I shall be onto the Penzance portion of the hols. I’m afraid I did try to persuade the Gentleman Friend to join me in France so that we could have the second week there (instead of Penzance) as I was *loving* it there. But he likes Cornwall, and didn’t want to drag himself across the channel. So today I drove seven hours across France to the Eurotunnel, and then got stuck in a ghastly traffic jam on the M25I – I thought it’d be clear on a Sunday night…

Anyway. I spent my holiday time profitably, finishing the Elsa cloak for Littlest Niece. I’ve left it in the flat (I was borrowing her mum’s flat this week), and they’ll be going out there next weekend, so she’ll have a hopefully nice surprise.

The cloak was made strictly to her specifications. It was made extra long so it would trail on the floor. It is covered in sequin and crystal snowflakes. I tried to make all the snowflakes unique. There are a couple of duplicates of the smaller ones, but on the whole they’re mostly different. I gave myself a headache on a couple of days, trying to do the beading in the sunshine, because the sequins and crystals were so gosh-darn SHINY! This cloak is definitely Well Bling. I’d say I’m pretty much in touch with my inner 5 year old Princess, and if I got presented with this cloak, I would believe it was properly princessy.

I’ve tried to make it as play-proof as I can. I am firmly of the opinion that however much time I may have invested in this garment, it is hers to play in, and I will not get precious about how she chooses to look after it or not. It’s not like I’ve got any control over that anyway!

I’m hoping that her mum will send a photo of a happy LN modelling the cloak, but for now it’s all off body shots (click through for bigger versions):

The back

The back

Some details

Some details


Some more details

It’s quite a relief to have it finished, and it will be even more of a relief when I hear that LN likes it.

The plan for Penzance craftiness is to finish knitting the Blackcurrant Sorbet Hetty cardigan. It has been on the Naughty Step for the last few weeks as I was having trouble with the sleeves. I’m hoping that coming to it fresh will make them come out alright! I may possibly take elements of a sewing project, in case the knitting doesn’t quite go as planned. It depends how optimistic I’m feeling tomorrow when I’m packing!


11 thoughts on “FO – Littlest Niece’s cloak

    • Thanks Bev! It reminded me that II really enjoy costume making, so I should dig out the last costume UFO and turn it into a FO!

  1. Aww, it’s gorgeous! Your LN is sure to be delighted with it. Love the sparkly embellishments. Auntie Fiona has been busy this weekend too, but with something more practical. I’m now wondering how a little sparkle could be incorporated into daily clothing for kiddies. Have you ever used those hot fix rhinestone thingies? I wonder if they would stand up to regular laundering?

    • Auntie Fiona is MUCH better at selfless sewing than Auntie Béa! I’ve been slightly begrudging this make all along. Probably because I want one for myself!!!

      I have used a hotfix wand before, mainly for adding decoration to a few bellydance t-shirts. They do stand up to a certain amount of washing, but probably not as much as kids clothing needs to. The main factor that affects the stickability is (obviously) which glue is used- hotfix crystals either have a silver coloured glue on the back, which isn’t very strong but dries clear, or a green glue, which is a bit more effective. But even with the green glue, I wasn’t thrilled with the results. In the end I gave up with the hotfix for costuming, and just went for plain crystals and E6000 glue- it’s a bit stinky but I found it more reliable. It’s strong enough for regular dance costume usage, though I’ve never actually used it with t-shirts so I can’t speak as to whether it would stand up to repeated washing machine laundry (note to self, to try blinging up some tees for testing!). I doubt this particular piece will be put through the washer- it’s only for playing dress-up. But I’d still use the E6000 glue in preference to the hotfix crystals if I was decorating something more everyday.

      Also, hotfix wands can burn you!!!

  2. Wow! I am impressed! I’d never have the patient to do that, especially if it wasn’t for me (yes, I am selfish…) It looks gorgeous 🙂

    • Heehee! I don’t mind things like that taking time. I could make myself work on it by saying to myself “I’ll just do one snowflake for now”, and it would always lead to more than one. But I was only doing it because my sister kind of obligated me- she’s the one who said to Littlest Niece “Auntie Béa could make you an Elsa cloak” and I couldn’t really disappoint LN after that.

      But now I’m very happy that I can get back to making things for MEEEEEEEEEE!

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