Death by Gardening!

The Gentleman Friend has killed me. He made me Do Gardening on our last day in Cornwall. I am now dying of Muscle Ache. It’s Day two which is always the worst, and I’m hoping that by the weekend I will be resurrected. But in the meantime I am walking around like an old lady, groaning and wincing whenever I move- it’s pathetic! I’m such a wuss.  I have therefore taken the executive decision to leave  cutting out more Belcarra blouses until I have enough mobility to grub around on the floor, hopefully later in the week. Tonight I might knit instead.

The Penzance bit of the holiday went well (apart from the Gardening Death, of course). We had a lovely day at the beach in Porthcurnow. We did a bit of mooching around Marazion, and walking across the causeway to St Michael’s Mount (though the French in me keeps wanting to say the Mont St Michel’s better!). We did a certain amount of popping into art galleries, and I was constantly on the lookout for inspiration because I’ve joined in Marilla Walker’s Hand Printed Fabric Swap (see the new button over on the right there). However, as I didn’t know who I was making it for, it had to remain general inspiration. But now I know who I’m partnered with, and I can be thinking more specifically.

I promised myself I’d check out all the sewing and knitting shops in Penzance, this time round, and I think I did pretty well. For the Knitting shops I went back to Iriss, the shop in Chapel Street where I bought buttons before, and got a fairly bog-standard big ball of Wendy Aran with Wool (the same stuff I made the Teal Slouchy Cardigan with, it’s very toasty).

Plain black - my standard neutral!

Plain black – my standard neutral

I also visited Knit Wits in Causewayhead, which had some beautiful yarns, and I succumbed to this gorgeous silky cotton DK, in a vivid chartreuse. I’m not sure yet what I want to make with it, but I’d best get a wiggle on because it’s quite a summery yarn, and who knows how long Summer will last?

Chartreuse - that's a bit brighter!

Chartreuse – that’s a bit brighter!

For the Sewing Shops, I also went into Buttons’n’Bows in Bread Street- it was mostly quilting cotton as far as fabric was concerned, and a wide range of ribbons and notions, but I didn’t see anything I was strongly drawn to. I tried to find Fox Fabrics in Albert Street, but there was no sign of it. And I also found Raven Textiles (the Arcade just off Market Jew Street), but it looked rather closed, with bolts of fabric stacked up against the walls.

There’s one thing Penzance is blessed with, and that’s an abundance of charity shops. I did take a look around to see if there were any old curtains or duvet covers that I might plunder for fabric, but again, nothing grabbed me. I think it was that the colours tended to be much more muted than I would ever wear. But I did pick up these cute little lemons and limes, which are currently napkin rings, but I’m planning on turning them into jewellery. I just need to find the right findings.

Surely that counts as one of my five-a-day

Surely that counts as one of my five-a-day?

And I found these ceramic buttons in a Marazion art gallery. There was a great big dish of different buttons. It was a tough call picking out which ones I wanted.

I think I had a colour scheme in mind this week!

I think I had a colour scheme in mind this week!

I got a bit of knitting done. I decided to rip the sleeve right back to the start, because I couldn’t work out where I’d gone wrong with it, and I’d kind of lost track of where I was. I’ve redone the sleeve paying strict attention to what I’m doing, and making sure I count stitches *a lot*! The left sleeve is done and I’ve kept a good record of exactly how I did it, so I can copy it on the right sleeve.

And a follow-up on the Littlest Niece’s Frozen Cloak – I received a text from my sister yesterday, to say that LN *loves* her Elsa cloak, with a photo of her wearing it, with a massive beaming smile on her face. I don’t want to post the pic online, as it’s not really mine to share, but I can assure you she looks thrilled. I’m a chuffed auntie!


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