Some Making is going on, there’s just not much to show for it!

I’ve got my act together enough to get going on the Sundress for the Summer Sundress Sewalong. The deadline is on Saturday- how the heck did it get to the middle of August already? I thought I had bags of time. Nevertheless, I think I can do this. I’ve cut it out, and I should be able to get the sewing part of it done in the next day or two. I’m going slightly off-piste but I think it’ll work.

However I do have a finished object to show. You remember those lemon and lime napkin rings I bought in Penzance from a charity shop? They cost me a grand total of £1- such a bargain!  I dug out some clear elastic and a big enough needle, and actually made the bracelets that I’d had in mind from the moment I saw them.

My 5-a-day bracelets!

My 5-a-day bracelets!


I’m also gradually prepping myself for the fabric printing. I’ve got the materials and I’m just waiting to see the Gentleman Friend who has said he’s got some suitable offcuts of wood to use as a stamp block. In the meantime, I’ve cut the stamps out from craft foam, all ready to be mounted on the bits of wood.

Nearly ready to go...

Nearly ready to go…


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