A bit of spontaneous late night printing

Oh my goodness, this hand printing lark is going to be harder than I thought!

I’ve just been inspired to try a quick bit of stamping, nice & easy- a dot border print, using a cork. I thought that was a bit clever of me- if the border doesn’t work, at least there’s still plenty of fabric left to play with!

Imperfect polka dots

Imperfect polka dots

The stamping bit is fine, but the practicalities around it all are currently challenging. Like, not having a nice big firm surface to work on. Like needing to have something underneath because the paint soaks through the fabric. Like trying to avoid oops elements where the paint goes where I don’t really want it to go. I’ve cunningly photographed a section that was relatively clean, but there’s some bits of spattering on the parts you aren’t seeing, from where I’ve manhandled the fabric without due care & attention.

I’m also thinking that the white & red is rather stark. I’d still use it though!

I’m leaving it to dry overnight. I couldn’t do any more because I didn’t have enough workspace. I don’t think I’ve done enough to make anything wearable out of it yet, so I will probably finish that border properly tomorrow, and see how I can adapt my working to get more done at a time, especially when I’m working on the actual swap fabric.

I need a lot more practice!

Thursday afternoon update – I’ve finished the dots off and they’re waiting to dry. Hopefully, when I get back from this afternoon’s work, it’ll be dry enough that I can give it all a good hot iron to set it.

2 thoughts on “A bit of spontaneous late night printing

  1. Hi Bea, I’ve just seen this post and your print looks lovely! 1 metre of fabric is definitely a challenge space wise, which I hope you’ve managed to resolve! I’ve been using the dining table covered in fleece, which is a bit squishy, but has worked surprisingly well and hasn’t soaked through to the table (thank goodness). I just pull it along the table when I’ve finished a section, as it doesn’t fit on there in one piece. I love the red and white too! Very scandinavian I think! X

    • Thanks, Marilla. Yes, it’s really just a case of giving myself a nice tidy bit of floor space, using the plastic sheeting that the cutting board came wrapped up in (waste not, want not!) and manoevering the fabric quite carefully, so that it doesn’t smear the work I’ve done… None of these things are revolutionary! Just paying attention and working sensibly.

      I have to say, this challenge really has got me interested in graphics for fabrics. I keep seeing things that make me want to print them/print with them!

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