Queen of the Last Minute

I have two days before the deadline hits! But I have at least *started* the sundress tonight. I’m using the massively floral fabric that the lovely Anne of Pretty Grievances sent me in the Spring Sewing Swap:

Flowers for the Summer!

Flowers for the Summer!

I’ve put the top together, and sewn the skirt panels together. I’m going for a pleated skirt, and my last job tonight will be to get the pleats sorted out. That will leave me with the final work on Saturday (I’m taking this to the wire!), namely, to get the neckline & sleeves bound, the skirt attached to the top and the whole thing hemmed (this will *not* be by hand!). The idea is to get the dress finished on Saturday and to wear it on Sunday, because I’m hosting a picnic for my dance students.


4 thoughts on “Queen of the Last Minute

    • I got the pleating worked out last night, so the rest of it is mostly just “assembly”, nothing that requires thought or cleverness. I am *sure* I can manage it by tomorrow evening!

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