Hand printed fabric rethink

Hmm… I’ve just been trying things out on the green fabric. It’s very dark, and the red and yellow paint just aren’t showing up. The white paint is OK, actually, but I’m having to accept that this cotton and this paint just isn’t going to work for what I wanted to do.

Trial runs - the flash makes everything look clearer

Trial runs – the flash makes everything look clearer than it actually is.

I’ll wait & see how the paint dries, to see if that makes a difference, but I’m thinking it probably won’t.

So that means EITHER I do what I wanted to do but with different fabric, or I do something different from my original plan.


4 thoughts on “Hand printed fabric rethink

    • I think it’s more that the paint isn’t thick enough (opaque enough?) to mask the dark colour of the fabric. It’s only fabric paint, not screen-printing ink, which I suspect would be thicker and stronger. It was something of an error of judgement on my part to pick a dark base fabric. It’s not a big problem, I just have to be adaptable. It’s all part of the wondrous creative process!

      Also, I think I was trying to use stamps that are too big, I’ve cut smaller ones and I think that’s going to help.

  1. Years ago I painted on some black T-Shirts but the colour just wouldn’t show up. As it was a present and I really wanted this particular motif I painted it in white first, let it dry and then painted in the colour I wanted over the white and it worked really well. This may not be appropriate for what you are trying to achieve but I thought I’d put it out there 🙂

    • Hi Sue, thanks for the suggestion. I’m printing rather than painting, and my hand-eye co-ordination is probably not up to doing two prints on top,of each other! I don’t want to say too much in case Louise, my swap partner is reading, but my revised plans are using that particular idea, in some way.
      It has been interesting seeing how the printing works with the fabric, and finding ways to make my idea work in practice. I’ve been happy to let the idea develop in different creative ways.

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