OWOP Rethink required

Woe! I am reaping the harvest of my untidiness and sewing clutter. I’ve gone & lost my TNT McCalls straight skirt pattern.

My OWOP plan had been to use that skirt pattern- I’ve got three skirts I’ve made with it, all of which are work-appropriate so no problem there. However, I wanted to have a fourth (and possibly even fifth) skirt to add to the pile, so that I didn’t have to wear repeats at work, That’s my personal vanity speaking, I know. Other people are going to do it with three items, I’m sure, but that’s not how I roll- I needed that extra skirt or two. Which I’d been planning on sewing tonight & tomorrow. And now that’s not possible! Disaster!

So I’m revising my plans. I’m going for the Sewaholic, Belcarra pattern as backup. I’ve got the Watermelon version (hah! that links to a post where I say I’m not going to use the Belcarra for OWOP- how’s that for irony!). I’ve also got the Dress of Many Colours, which is based on the Belcarra pattern. I already had a second blouse cut out & ready to sew, so tonight I’ve cut out a third, and I’m sewing #2, which I think I can finish tonight. Number three blouse can get sewn up tomorrow night, and I’m hoping I can even manage a further blouse or dress hack, somewhere along the way. Because otherwise I’m not a great deal further forward than if I use the skirts.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “OWOP Rethink required

    • Thanks Bev, it’s entirely my own fault, I just assumed it was in the pile of patterns, but obviously, I’ve put it away somewhere safe! I’m sure it’ll turn up sooner or later. But the timing hasn’t helped.

      However, I’m pleased to report that the Cadfael & Cats Belcarra is now finished and just needs an iron, so that’s one down. I’ve cut out a black & white one, and with a bit of luck and a following wind, I can get a dark green one cut out a bit later, so that I can do a whole load more sewing tomorrow! There’s nothing like a self-imposed entirely ridiculous deadline to make me get stuff done!

    • I’m pretty sure my skirt pattern must be SOMEWHERE in the flat because I know I haven’t thrown it away at all. It’s just been put away somewhere safe. Unfortunately it’s so safe that I don’t remember where. And I’m all “Wah!!!” because I can’t find it *right now* which is when I need it.

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