OWOP14 – Bring it on

I’m ready. Well, ready-ish. Here is what I had available, as at first thing this morning.

Three and a half Belcarras

Three and a half Belcarras

You’ll have seen the Watermelon blouse and the Dress Of Many Colours. The third is the one I’m wearing today- the Cadfael & Cats blouse. Number four, the black & white on top there, is mid-make, and I’m hoping to get it finished today.

It's actually much greener than this picture is showing!

It’s actually much greener than this picture is showing!

I have gone uncharacteristically plain with the make. This blouse is unpatterned & unadorned. That isn’t to say it doesn’t have an element of frivolity- it is chartreuse green, for heaven’s sake, verging on fluoro lime. So this is not a garment that will be conducive to hiding my light under a bushel. This is very much a garment that screams “Notice meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!”. But I figured it’s going to be hard enough teaming this with bottom halves, without bringing pattern into the equation, so it’s staying plain.

I got this cotton from Ebay (ohsewcraftycouk, in case you’re interested), it’s a medium-weight cotton that’s quite slubby and has a linen look. It’s beautifully crisp and although I originally bought it purely for the colour, I could happily get more of it in other colours. It was very easy sewing with it.

I’m feeling very confident with the Belcarra pattern now! This was my third go with it, and I didn’t even bother to look at my own notes on construction, never mind the formal pattern instructions. I didn’t make any new alterations, other than to make the sleeve cuffs about one centimetre longer. I’ve found the cuffs a tiny bit snug on the Watermelon blouse, and I figured that if I’d cut them too big this time round, I could cut them down again. But it did the trick, so I think I’ll add that extra length onto my traced pattern piece.

I’m going to shave the hip flare down a bit on future versions. I don’t have very wide hips, so I don’t need it. I’ve worn the Watermelon blouse tucked in mostly, so it’s not a major issue,  really,  but since I’ve got plans for way more of these so I can afford the time/effort to refine it. As you can see, I’m working on a black & white version, and there’s another one cut out & ready to go. I’m on a roll!

But back to this one. This got cut out last weekend and then sewn up on Thursday night. As ever, I did a fair bit of hand sewing, to catch the neck binding & cuffs and hem the blouse. Since I did all of that while watching Cadfael, and 8 Out of 10 Cats, this has become the Cadfael & Cats top. I styled it with my Counterintuitive Black Birds skirt, and wore it to one of our annual tutor meetings. (Working on a Saturday? I’m so dedicated!)

I have no idea where that expression came from.

I have no idea where that expression came from.

I was slightly stymied this afternoon, in trying to photograph this outfit. The little light post, where I usually rest my camera for taking selfies, has had its nice flat just-the-right-height-for-the-camera top knocked off. So those photos were taken with my camera resting precariously in the middle of a bush. You’re lucky you’re not seeing the one with the leaves showing as a rather fetching lower border! But as I was in the middle of my photography, my lovely neighbour was passing and offered to take a couple for me. So this one is courtesy of Dan.

He was getting all pro-photographer, telling me which way to turn and everything!

He was getting all pro-photographer, telling me which way to turn and everything!

And because nobody wants to see me posting every single day, I think I’ll bunch all the OWOP selfies into one single post at the end, and only post separately if I’m wearing a new make. Now, on to the next Belcarra on the production line.

Good luck to all the OWOPpers!


8 thoughts on “OWOP14 – Bring it on

  1. Glad you got on top of your last minute sewing, the Belcarra looks great! I love Chartreuse, I bought a similar knit fabric which has an iridescent sheen to it just because it was green and sparkly! Good luck with the rest of the week! x

    • Thanks Helen, I’m just finishing blouse #3, which has been something of a trial. #4 promises to be much easier. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone else is doing this week.

  2. Oooh! Lovely. Chartreuse is one of my best colours, I love it! And I’m dead impressed with all your beautiful Belcarras.

    • Thanks Fiona. I love Chartreuse, even though it’s not really been in my wardrobe for very long. But it’s not always very easy to find the right shade.

  3. WOW!! This colour looks FAB on you (and as you know, I’m quite partial to it myself)! You’re on a roll with your belcarras now, don’t you love it when you get all those little fitting tweaks ironed out and can just enjoy the sewing part?! Nice.

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s been Belcarra Central here this weekend! I’ve got another one finished, and one more which is half way there. It’s been really interesting to see how different fabrics have worked differently on the same pattern.

  4. Wow you have the Belcarra well and truly sorted. Love your choices and the dress is great. Thanks for your comment on mine – OWOP twin. You have seen my selection of 3 as I made these when we had all that heat and I have now moved on to the Renfrew. It is a fantastic pattern – not at all clingy and those hems are so effective with bands. You will love it. My OWOP outfits are all quite similar as I don’t dress up now, being many years retired.

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by! I do seem to have gone a bit bonkers with these! I’ve got two more to come, then I’ll have to wear a couple of repeats.

      The Renfrew is another pattern I want to work on. It looks really useful. I’ve shied away from knits so far in my garment making. Which is kind of silly, because I’ve always used them in my costume making. But with the costumes I could always mask any sewing imperfections with sequins and crystals and nobody would notice 🙂

      But at the moment my next project is Tilly’s Coco pattern.

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