The Imperfect Polka Dots Belcarra

This weekend was mostly spent making Belcarra tops, as you can tell. This one was cut out on Friday and sewn on Sunday (mostly- I finished the hem this morning before work). I wasn’t going to wear it till tomorrow, or later in the week, but I tried on the black & white top I’d finished on Sunday, and decided it needed fettling, because it wasn’t right as it is. So that’s my job for tonight, though I’m off for dinner with a friend, so it’s my job for this late part of the afternoon, and when I get home later.

So, a little earlier than expected, tada! Day 4 of OWOP and a new Belcarra blouse! Soz for the lack of make up and the far from glamorous photoshoot location!  This is not *my* filing.

The Imperfect Polka Dot Belcarra

The Imperfect Polka Dot Belcarra

I used my imperfect polka dot fabric. Well it was a shame to let it languish in the stash.

I’d printed a very simple red spot border, and I wanted that border to be at the hem of the blouse. I was hoping I could find another way of getting the polka dots onto the blouse somehow, but I didn’t have that much left over after cutting the main body pieces, and I’d used up the best bits (the ones where I had managed *not* to splatter red paint over the white fabric like a particularly gory murder), and the obvious accent points, collar & cuffs, are cut on the bias, so the print wouldn’t work for those. Hey ho, never mind. Keeping it simple is good too.

This one was supposed to be easy. And it was, but I made stupid mistakes, like sewing pieces the wrong way round, like sewing the bindings on the wrong side (actually, that one only got as far as pinning, so it wasn’t too bad). But aside from that it was a doddle.

I made it about 10cms longer than usual, to get it more to tunic length, and I gave it little side splits, which you can’t really see from the photo.

And then I went to lunch with the girls from my other job, at Wagamama. I deliberately ordered something that didn’t look too liquid-y from the menu description, because you really can’t take me anywhere- spillages and droppages *will* happen, and we all know that white tops are a tomato sauce magnet. Even so my rice dish came dangerously smothered in some sort of soupy liquid, and before I knew it, there was sauce down the front. Cue emergency dash to the ladies, to get the spot out before it stains and much crouching under the hand dryer to dry off my top, so that I didn’t look too much like I’d entered a Miss Wet T-Shirt contest. The prompt washing seems to have done the trick thankfully, and there’s no sign of any mark. Lucky escape there!

I’m liking this top. I think it’s cool that I’m wearing a fabric I printed myself, even it’s scarcely more sophisticated than a primary school potato print. I like that it’s going to be an easy top to wear, either loose or tucked in, and that tucking in will mean the red disappears, making this an even more useful neutral. The cotton is medium weight, so it will be useful as a transitional piece for the autumn (hmmm, so long as I have a couple of nice cardigans to wear with it). So although I’m not head-over-heels in love with it, I think it’s a useful make.


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