One Week, One Pattern 2014 Round Up

Here’s my One Week, One Pattern in collage form.

OWOP collage

One Week, One Pattern? No, make that TWO patterns!

I was actually aiming for (and I consider I succeeded with) Double OWOP, in that my main pledged pattern was the Belcarra Blouse, but I stuck with my McCalls straight skirt pattern for the bottom half, in accordance with my original plan. The two patterns complement each other well. It may not be in keeping with the “style things different ways” element of OWOP, but it is nevertheless all about the “wearing your favourite patterns” element. There was a fair amount of mix’n’match, and I don’t care that I repeated the Dress Of Many Colours, because I love it and there won’t be many more opportunities to wear it this side of Christmas.

Day 1: Cadfael & Cats Belcarra + Counterintuitive Black Birds Skirt
Day 2: The Dress Of Many Colours
Day 3: Watermelon Belcarra + Black Denim Skirt
Day 4: Imperfect Polka Dots Belcarra + Counterintuitive Black Birds Skirt
Day 5: Cadfael & Cats Belcarra + Black Denim Skirt ÷ Total Selfie Fail
Day 6: The What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! Belcarra + You Mean I’m Wearing Orange Skirt
Day 7: The Dress Of Many Colours + Mahoosive Yellow Lily Hairclip

It’s been an interesting week which, much like Me Made May, has very much focussed my attention on how much I do wear my hand-made clothing. I wear me-made quite a lot, but until the Belcarra splurge I didn’t have any tops to go with my skirts. I do feel like I’ve gone some way towards redressing that balance. All four of these blouses will work with various of my skirts, (not just the straight ones!) so I’m happy that the push to make those tops has resulted in a stronger and more unified me-made wardrobe.

The Belcarra pattern has been really useful and it’s definitely become a TNT pattern for me. Although I’m slightly Belcarra’d out right now, I can still see myself making more of these, in the future. It’s a very versatile top, it works with different types of fabric, and as I’ve mentioned before, it can be a good stashbuster, which reduces my fabric storage problems, and it’s good for mixing fabrics and colours, which makes for easy wearing.

What I did notice from this week’s mixing & matching is my need for simple plains & neutrals. The Watermelon top had to go with simple skirts because it’s so gaudily patterned (I’m saying that like it’s a *good* thing, your mileage may vary). The You Mean I’m Wearing Orange?! skirt needs a very plain top, because it’s brightly decorated. Normally my plains & neutrals are provided by my shop-bought clothing, but now I’ve twigged this, I’m going to try to acquire & use more plain and neutral fabrics. I will still try to embellish those makes in some way, but more carefully, and with a consciousness of keeping the wearing options open. That limitation could be a creative spur! Self-coloured embroidery… Appliqué-ing with the same fabric as the garment… Subtlety… No, I don’t believe I can manage that last one, any more than you do!

A million thanks go out to HandmadeJane, who was hosting this challenge, and to Tilly and the Buttons, for creating it in the first place. I’m starting to sound a bit like Nicholas Parsons in Just a Minute now, so I’ll stop digging this particular hole, and just say that it’s been fun!

10 thoughts on “One Week, One Pattern 2014 Round Up

  1. Nice one! I really like your Belcarra versions! I already made two muslins of it – one to tweak the fit, and one to check it’s right. The second one would be totally wearable, but I’ve misplaced it so thoroughly, I can’t find it anymore. Woops. Good thing I have new fabric to start another one! But, most of all, I love love love your dress – it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t believe I missed it back in summer! Are you going to sew up the second one you mentioned in summer?

    • Thanks, Thea, I hope you find your missing muslin, because it’s a shame not to wear it!

      I do want to sew that second dress. The fabric I originally had in mind would work for it, but might be a bit too summery to wear into the autumn. I’ve just acquired something else which might work more for the autumn and then spring, so it might happen in the next couple of weeks,

      • Yay for the autumn plans! I’d love it if you could at some point maybe pretty please post some basic instructions for bumbling idiots like me on the soft-box pleat skirt or whatever it is you did? It looks lovely,and I can’t wrap my brain around it! This weekend will hopefully be ‘dig out missing muslin’ time for me 🙂

      • I hope to be working on the next dress this weekend. I’ll try to take “in progress” pics &/or do some diagrams to show how I did it.

        I look forward to seeing your Belcarra when you sort out that muslin!

  2. Your outfits have been gorgeous and well done for the double owop! I’ve still got a soft spot for the watermelon belcarra but I’m drawn to ‘interesting’ fabrics too! I really need some basic items in my wardrobe too but they don’t look very fun when you see them on the roll in the fabric shop, maybe I need to make a 50/50 rule when shopping, for every crazy print I need to counteract it with something sensible! X

    • Thanks Helen, I think the Watermelon is one of my favourite items to wear.

      That’s a really good rule. I know I’m always drawn like a magpie to the shiny shiny patterned fabrics, so I doubt I could go cold turkey on those, but if I borrow your rule I might stand a chance of acquiring more of those plains and neutrals.

  3. I’m glad you had fun and thanks so much for participating! I agree, neutral woven tops are the building blocks of lots of wardrobes, you can never have too many and you have some lovely versions! x

    • Thanks! I wish I could have found another way of bringing the dots into the design. But I guess I’ve still got the option of painting them on now.

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