Procrastination is the Thief of Time

It’s my dad’s wedding tomorrow morning, and I’m driving up to Wales in the next hour or so (technically, I’m driving to Hertford, then my sister who lives in Hertford will be driving us both to Wales along with her two daughters, but the point is, I knew weeks ago, that today was my sewing deadline for making my dress for the wedding.

Guess when I started it… Go on guess…

Last night at around 10pm.

I’ve got no excuses, I’m just really good at procrastination.

I made myself go to bed at 4am, and I finished the bulk of it this morning. But I’ve got the final hand finishing still to do, and that’s going to be a job for tonight, after the family get together. It should be perfectly manageable. However, I may stop off for some wundaweb, en route!


Hemming. Also, aren’t those colours fab?!


9 thoughts on “Procrastination is the Thief of Time

  1. Ace! A girl after my own heart! I think if you’re flying by the seat of your pants everything will be fine. I’ve spent all morning looking at the unfinished hem on my dress I’ve been making the last 2 days. If I needed it for tonight it would be done and dusted, instead it’s just on my dress form looking sad!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend, and don’t forget the photos!
    PS Hand-stitching tonight with a glass of wine will be much more relaxing that chasing wundaweb across the ironing board!

    • All done last night, with plenty of time for a good night’s sleep even! There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind…

      I hope your sad dress soon becomes happy!

    • I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that it’s all finished, and I can now get a decent night’s sleep! And not an inch of wundaweb was used, it’s all proper sewing.

    • Alas, you are absolutely right! Next time I’ve got a deadline, I’ll have to make sure there are no other projects on the go, competing for my attention.
      But the buttons were definitely fun to do!

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