The button belt gets an outing

I finished the button belt a while ago, and it got an outing two or three weekends back, when I was seeing my sisters, but I signally failed to photodocument that outing. And given that I’m at work during daylight hours, it’s more office photography!



I have got a How I Made This post all ready to go, and I will put that up very shortly.

I have also cut a couple of skirts out. They’re not very seasonal, but I wanted to set myself up with something quick & easy, so I’m hoping I can be getting on with one of them tonight, after I get home from teaching.



7 thoughts on “The button belt gets an outing

  1. Wow, what an epic make! I must admit, I wasn’t sure about this one when you first posted about it, but now I’ve seen it on you I totally get it, it looks great! Inspired 🙂

    • It’s quite a statement piece, I doubt I’ll be able to get away with wearing it very often, it would be too noticeable. But I think it’s fun and I enjoy wearing it!

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