A spot of hand sewing

This is a top which I stopped wearing because it was a bit too clingy and uncomfortable around the neck. The fabric is quite lycra-fied, and I’m a bit funny about things around my throat- they have to be just right or I feel all constricted and panicky. So when I came across it in a tidy up of my t-shirts & tops drawer, I decided I had to get rid of the roll-neck.

That roll-neck has to go!

That roll-neck has to go!

So I lopped it off! I tried it on to check how far I wanted the neckline to come down, and measured and folded to make sure it would all be even and symmetrical.

My original idea had been to use some plain black jersey to make a binding for the neckline, but as soon as I saw the bit of roll-neck that I’d just cut off, it immediately made me change my plans, and go for the Waste Not Want Not option instead. I knew I wouldn’t need this binding to be on the bias particularly, so I just cut into it, going slightly diagonally, so that I ended up with one long continuous strip. I pinned it into place, trying (despite all the lycra bounce) to keep it flat.

All pinned into place

All pinned into place

I had also decided I wanted to go slightly Alabama Chanin with this. I sewed the binding on by hand, using an embroidery cotton, so that it would stand out. I used a herringbone stitch, because it’s got a nice bit of stretch to it.


A little bit of detail on the herringbone stitching

Did it while Strictly was on, and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt! A perfectly wearable top saved from being thrown in the bin.

Tada! A neckline I feel comfortable with!

Tada! A neckline I feel comfortable with!


4 thoughts on “A spot of hand sewing

  1. Oh, nice job! I hate throttling polo necks too.
    The herringbone stitch is a nice touch.
    Did you get my email about the snowflake embellishments? (I’ve had some problems with my email recently and discovered yesterday that lots have disappeared into the ether without reaching their destination).

    • Thanks. Yes, I did get the snowflakes email- so sorry not to have got back to you, but that’s one that did make it through the ether. I will reply properly directly!

    • Thanks Katrina, I’m thinking of doing more t-shirt makeovers like this! As you say, it’s so much nicer than plain tees.

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