… And a last refashion slides under the rapidly closing gate of 2014

This was just a little project to undertake while visiting my Dad & his wife for new year. I had brought two projects with me- I thought I’d do another t-shirt refashion, but when I got here I found I’d brought the wrong t-shirt with me (I obviously have too many black t-shirts), so I only had this one left to do. While they were getting on with their respective cross-stitch projects, I hacked a jumper of mine about a bit.

An end of year refashion

An end of year refashion

It started as a “jumper dress”* bought dirt cheap, but it was too short ever to wear as a dress, so I wore it for a while as a plain old jumper. But it was quite formless and I thought I would get more use out of it if it were a cardigan.

So I cut down the front, to make an opening, turned the cut edges in & attached a bias binding underneath, to stop them unravelling. Before sewing the bias down, I added some biggish press-studs (poppers/snap-fasteners, whatever you want to call them), so that I could close the cardigan without having to mess about with buttons and buttonholes.

It could have stayed like that, as a plain black cardigan. But I wanted to add something, to make it worthy of Jungle January. (I haven’t heard it being hosted officially by the fragrant and talented Anne, though she is running a Jungle January Swap– go check it out. But I’m pretty sure enough people will be doing it, officially or not. Edited to add: Oh yeah, Jungle January 3 is definitely on!)

Jungle January 3

Jungle January 3!

I had some zebra chiffon, and surely *everything* is better with a bit of zebra embellishment. So I ripped off a band of about 10 cm width, made a tube of sorts out of it, and stitched it onto the neckline. Voilà! A much prettier cardigan!

A Zebra Collar, what’s not to love?

I’m happy that this embellishment isn’t too outrageous, it leaves the cardigan still pretty neutral and wearable.


* For American readers, jumper = sweater, in English English. Not a pinafore.


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