Top 5s post – Reflections & Goals

Top 5 for 2014


Continuing with Gillian’s Top 5s posts for the year! Post #2, the reflections and goals. Post #1 (the Hits Misses & Highlights) is here.

Top 5 Reflections: Looking back, what have you learned about sewing or yourself?

5 – My reach very much exceeds my grasp. I have too many ideas/inspirations about things I could make. I’ve tried to fulfil some of my ideas, but I know a lot of them will never ever get made, and that makes me a bit sad, because they are good ideas. But… I’m trying to accept that it’s ok to let some of them go.

4 – Winter is a bad time for my sew-jo, and I should maybe try to factor that into my attitude. Perhaps I can focus more on smaller projects, like mending, makeovers and refashioning rather than making a whole item from scratch. Or make really quick and easy do-it-in-an-evening projects.

3 – I went overboard on the Belcarra blouse pattern this summer! It was interesting to see how quickly I gained confidence with it, and was able to hack it and mess around with it, to make 4 tops and 2 dresses which are all quite different. I’ve got one, maybe two other hacks in mind, so I’m not quite finished with this pattern yet. But it has proved to me that I really enjoy being able to use a fairly easy TNT pattern. I was the same with the McCalls 3830 straight skirt pattern last year.

2 – I’ve acquired far too much stash (*recoils from the pressure of the entire sewing blogosphere laughing at me*). I buy fabric, with good intentions of using it immediately, which sadly does not work, see reflection #1 above. I have more than enough fabric and patterns to achieve all my current aims and ambitions. So I need to go on a stash diet.  I’ll allow myself to do swaps because that doesn’t add to my stash, but not accept freebies/giveaways. I will allow myself to buy notions- zips, interfacing, whatever- in order to make the things, but not the patterns or the fabric. No new fabric until I’ve used at least five pieces from stash.

1 – I never get tired of receiving compliments on my me-made clothing. It’s so heart warming, and makes me feel great about my skills and personal style. I never want that to stop!


Top 5 Goals: What do you hope to achieve in 2015?

Firstly, I think it’s in order to look back over my 2014 goals from this time last year.

5. Take part in Me Made May. SUCCESS! I met and bettered my pledge, and had a ball doing it.

4. I would like to make one or two things which are more technically challenging to me. FAIL – I didn’t achieve any of these planned challenges. I just made easy stuff!

3. I would like to attend some kind of sewing blogger meet-up, if there’s one that’s geographically feasible at a manageable time/date. SUCCESS! The NYLon meet up was amazing. I met some lovely creative people. I definitely want to do that again!

2. I would like to start knitting for myself again. SUCCESS! A slow success, admittedly, but I’ve got back into it.

1. I would like to take part in more online sewing challenges/sewalongs. SUCCESS! I did OWOP and the Summer Sundress Sewalong, and I did my first TMS challenge.

So overall, I count that as pretty successful!


The 2015 goals are perhaps not vastly different from my 2014 goals, but that’s ok – they can roll on.

5 – Make garments that work together and work with my wardrobe needs & likes. Me Made May showed me that I could work towards a more integrated wardrobe, so that I have fewer and fewer wardrobe orphans. I think I’m getting there. What I need to do is work out exactly what the specific gaps are – I made a start on that in my last MMM14 post, I just need to firm that up and work out if there’s anything else I am missing. And then of course, actually make it!

4 – Do more with the Monthly Stitch. I really enjoyed the interaction when I posted about the All-nighter dress. Not every month’s theme works for me, but it should occasionally be reasonably possible to crowbar what I’m making into the theme. January’s Denim Never Dies challenge should be possible, and their rules are pretty fluid, to be honest, so I should be able to post more there. And now I’m feeling the influence of work, and how I’m always banging on to my tutors about making their goals SMART, so I’m going to be very specific with this goal, and aim to post four times to TMS in 2015.

3 – Do MMM15 and up my personal challenge. This year I had an official pledge which was stated publicly, and a personal aspiration which I kept to myself until the end, and I think I will do that again, but I want to make both more challenging than this year. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do that, but I’ve got four months to work it out!

2 – Make more dresses. I like wearing dresses. I should have more of them. I don’t need the dresses to be particularly fancy, in fact I think I prefer a simple pattern, it gives me more of a canvas for stunning fabrics and/or fun embellishment, which are both things that I like. I would like to find a good fit & flare pattern to work with, sometime – not necessarily immediately, but sometime. So I’m aiming for 5 new dresses in 2015.

1 – Make some undies. I’m never going to attempt bra-making, but I’d love to try making knickers. I can see this as a good scrapbuster. I won’t consider this goal met with a one-off pair that doesn’t really work, the intention is to make knickers successfully, so my SMART objective is that by the end of the year, I want to have at least two pairs of me-made undies in regular wearing rotation. Also, I’ve just found out about Marilla’s tights pattern

It’s been really interesting reading everyone else’s Top 5s posts, and I remain awestruck and inspired by all you sewing bloggers out there – Happy New Year to you all, may your creativeness and talent continue to inspire us all.


5 thoughts on “Top 5s post – Reflections & Goals

  1. Great reflections. I also buy fabric with good intentions that rarely come to fruition. I’ve not got LOADS of fabric, but more than I’m comfortable with. Thanks for reminding me of MMM and OWOP. You’ve got me rethinking my sewing ambitions now 🙂

  2. Making dress, underwear, and everyday basics? Those are my kind of goals! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful year of sewing in 2015! Thanks for joining in the Top 5 posts!

  3. Yay for all your 2014 successes! It’s been so great to follow your sewing adventures here over the year, really looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2015! I think the ‘stash diet’ is a fine idea and one I should join you in for sure! I especially loved your MeMadeMay last year, so I’m glad to see it on your goal list. Here’s to a wonderful colourful sewing-tastic year ahead!

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