Me Made May – giving my making a kick-start

There is *some* making going on. I have been knitting like a good ‘un, but it’s not very blogworthy. I am working towards doing a proper reveal during May, possibly even April. But seriously it’s just a boring black jumper. So don’t be getting all excited about it!

Consequently I need some quick and easy makes, to get my sew-jo running again.

And along comes the Me Made May Sign Up post. This is definitely something I want to do, and I’ve been trying to work out how I’m going to make it a challenge. The terms of my pledge will determine what kind of projects I put my attention to, so that I can make the challenge actually work.

My Me Made May last year reminded me that I do wear my makes, with considerable regularity, so a pledge along the lines of “wear at least one me made thing every day” was a bit too easy. It needs to be a challenge, so I need to ratchet it up somehow. I’m therefore pledging as follows:


I, Béa of Béa’s Sewing Adventures, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I will endeavour to wear Mostly Me Made each day for the duration of May 2015.

My intention is that I will wear whole outfits that are me-made or refashioned by me, rather than a single item of me-made clothing per day. I am excluding shoes, tights & undies and coats (as I don’t have any me-mades in those categories – maybe next year!), but as I usually wear skirts and tops, that will mean both the skirt and the top have to be me-made. If it’s cold and I need a jumper or cardigan, it’s going to have to be one I’ve made or refashioned. I will be recording what I wear on a spreadsheet and there will be pie-charts and graphs.

This is a bit of a toughie- I will need to make sure I have a couple more jumpers/cardigans available, hence the need to get that knitting finished, and ideally some more tops too.

Anyone else joining in the MMM fun this time round?


8 thoughts on “Me Made May – giving my making a kick-start

  1. That does sound tough. I’ve pushed myself to wear one item per day, which feels like a significant step up from last year’s ‘every other weekday’. Hopefully I’ll have enough season-,appropriate stuff…

    • Good luck with your challenge!

      Yeah, mine’s a bit tough, but it *is* supposed to be a bit hard, so based on last year’s MMM, I felt I needed to give myself quite a push. It’s quite daunting when I think about how little I’ve actually got in the me-made section of the wardrobe. We’ll just have to see how it goes…

  2. I was going to enter this year as I now have enough me made clothes to join in……. however I just purchased a whole lot of RTW clothes of TV shopping…. I know I am not supposed to (self imposed ban) but there were some lovelies that I couldn’t pass up. I am also now out of work so unless my circumstances change I won’t be in….

    Good luck with yours. I love watching this on the sidelines each year. So great to see what outfits people put together.

    • There’s nothing wrong with the occasional bit of retail therapy, in my book! I hope your work situation sorts itself out. It took me a long time out of work to find my perfect job, and I’m so glad I was able to hold out as long as I did, because otherwise I would never have found it.

      I will treat MMM as a personal obligation to everyone who can’t be doing it themselves to make my participation worth watching from those sidelines.

  3. I signed up to wear one item a day- which for me IS a challenge since I spend the majority of time sewing for my daughters. So this month I am adding to my own wardrobe. Good luck with your pledge!

    • Good luck with yours too. As a very selfish sewer, I salute your dedication to your daughters’ wardrobes. My mum used to sew for me and my sisters, and I look back with such fondness for those dresses. I hope you enjoy your selfish sewing!

  4. Oh I DO love to see everyone’s Me-Made-Mays! One day I dream of having enough me-mades to join in too… You’ve set yourself a challenge for sure, but we know you can do it! Looking forward to seeing what you put together – have fun and good luck!

    • Oh gosh, I’m not a very imaginative dresser- I tend to stick to what I like… But it’s going to be quite a job to find different ways of wearing the few bits and bobs that I’ve got, over a whole 31 days. I am currently knitting like a fiend, in order to have a warm jumper for those cold days.

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