A new cardigan joins the MMMay wardrobe

I finally finished the dress-to-cardigan refashion that I started on my hols. I had a sweater knit dress that had been languishing, unworn, for possibly years. It was knitted in a rib pattern and therefore had a massive tendency to sag around the bottom in a highly unflattering way. It was also a bit more roomy around the neckline than really worked for me. I’d been hanging on to it for ages, thinking I could turn it into a skirt. But then, I realised I was going to need a lot more cardigans for Me Made May, and this dress would present the ideal opportunity to create one.

Shapeless sweater knit dress

Shapeless sweater knit dress

I slashed it up the front. I eyeballed it, but then remembered I should really do the thing properly, so I measured, before cutting, and found that actually I’d eyeballed it pretty accurately. Then I turned the cut edges under, and hand-stitched some bias binding to the edges to make sure there was no risk of the knit unravelling. And then I sewed on a big button and made a loop for it, with buttonhole stitch.

Button and Loop

Button and Loop

And wore it today, because this morning looked quite grey and miserable, although the weather had perked right up by lunchtime, so I was a bit warmly dressed.

Me Made May - Day 12 - Modelling the new long cardigan.

Me Made May – Day 12 – Modelling the new long cardigan.

Apologies for the blurriness of the pic, but this one was nicer!

P.S. This totally counts as stashbusting. I’ve been hoarding this dress for months, years, waiting to do something with it. So doing something with it has removed it from the stash and into the wearable makes pile. Hooray!


4 thoughts on “A new cardigan joins the MMMay wardrobe

  1. Clever 🙂 I have a couple of knit dresses that I kind of hate. I might love them as cardis! Thanks for the inspiration 😉

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