New sewing machine!

For the last five years, I’ve been sewing with a really cheap-as-chips-and-you-get-what-you-paid-for machine from Argos. Only three stitch lengths, only three zigzag variations. Generally not the best equipment for any given job, butfunctional and crucially for the time I acquired it, cheap.

Then on Thursday evening I was stuck in Woking, and spotted that the Singer sewing shop was closing down and had massive 50% discounts on sewing machines. I was sad that they were closing, because business was becoming impossible for them (internet competition), and felt bad that I’ve never shopped there, mainly because I don’t shop in Woking, because one ought to support local businesses. We’ve just lost one of the fabric/craft shops in Guildford, so I should try and use the ones we’ve still got, more.

Anyway, I resolved to go back at the weekend and buy a new sewing machine, which I duly did yesterday, and I am now the proud owner of a Singer Confidence (7463). I’m so excited to have a play with it!



I debated with myself whether to keep the crummy Argos machine as a back-up, but as my flat is tiny, I can’t justify the storage space, so it’s going to freecycle.

I am going to be sewing like a demon now!


10 thoughts on “New sewing machine!

  1. Just sit down with some plain fabric, thread the machine with contrast thread, and try out each stitch, vary length and width. I found it an great resource. Congratulations and enjoy your new machine.

    • I’ve been having a lot of fun with the variations and special stitches! I’ve only tried a few, but already I’m amazed at how brilliantly it does buttonholes, and I’m thinking of ways I can use the pretty edgings.

    • It’s already proving to be massive fun! It’s lovely and quiet and so smooth… I didn’t realise until now how rubbish my cheapo machine is. I don’t really want to diss it, because it served me well enough at a time I couldn’t afford anything better. But yeah, this new baby is so much easier to work with!

    • Heehee! “Sewing room”… I should be so lucky! But you’re right, Faye, this machine has a lovely soft purrrrr.

    • It’s a delight! I’m already wondering what I can pretty up with those fancy stitches. And I’m not afraid of buttonholes now. This is definitely upping the sewjo.

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