A Massive MMMay15 Catch-Up

I know this makes me sound like an old person, but… How? How has it got as far as 18th May? It was Christmas only a minute ago!

I’ve been doing fine with Me Made May. But I can see that I am going to be getting very bored with some of my options by the end of it, unless I make some immediate use of my lovely new sewing machine (I’m still waiting for her to let me know what her name is).

When I last posted about MMM, we’d got as far as Day 5. So there’s quite a lot of catching up to be done.

Day 6 - the slouchy cardigan gets an outing.

Day 6 – the slouchy cardigan gets an outing.

Day 6 saw the first public wearing of the Slouchy Teal Cardigan. It’s *really* roasty-toasty! Underneath I was wearing my Imperfect Polka Dots Belcarra blouse and the Counterintuitive Black Bird skirt. It was quite late when I remembered to take the picture, so it’s a bit dark!

Day 7, and it's a lemon!

Day 7, and it’s a lemon!

I was wearing my Jif Lemon Dress, which I do believe is my very favourite me-made garment. It’s always fun to wear.

Day 8 - Selfie Fail

Day 8 – Selfie Fail

Day 8 was a Total Selfie Fail. You will have to make do with the clothes piled together a day or two later. But this is what I actually wore: the unblogged refashioned top which I’d previously worn on Day 1, and the Denim skirt. I love that although it’s black, it’s got a slightly pink sheen to it. This photo really brings the pink out.

Day 9 - At the Old Ship Inn

Day 9 – At the Old Ship Inn

Day 9 saw the making of the Ring (I don’t want to sound all Gollum-y but it is starting to become My Precioussss!). After a hard day at the Jewellery workshop, I met up with the Gentleman Friend and we had stone baked pizzas at the Old Ship Inn. I was wearing my Imperfect Polka Dots top, from Day 6, and the Pretty Summer Splodges skirt. For the sake of Internet Honesty, I did wear a pinny to the jewellery workshop which I didn’t make myself, but my aunt made it, so I think that’s only a technical breach of my MMM pledge. It still falls within the spirit of MMM.

Day 10 - This dress is actually much brighter than this photo looks!

Day 10 – This dress is actually much brighter than this photo looks!

On Day 10, which was a Sunday, I was visiting my sister, who’s in the throes of moving house. I wore The Dress of Many Colours, which is a dream to wear. It’s so soft and comfortable, and it cheers everyone up who sees it!

Day 11 - the Blue Roses Dress

Day 11 – the Blue Roses Dress

Day 11 saw me in the Blue Roses Dress, not much to say about it. I feel very fondly for this dress, because I wore it for the interview for my current main job, and got the offer that very afternoon. So it’s a lucky dress.

Day 12

Day 12 – the refashioned cardigan


Day 12 you’ve already seen, because I was wearing the long cardigan refashion. This refashion meets one of Gillian’s #SewingDares. Gillian of Crafting A Rainbow is issuing Sewing Dares, to those who, um, dare…  I did and I got two challenges, and the first one was to sew a cardigan. In my book, refashioning totally counts as sewing, so that’s that one Nailed. My second dare is to dig through the stash and find a piece of fabric I  was  *really* excited about when I bought it, and just cut it up and sew it into something! Now that I’ve got this beautiful new machine, I will be doing just that.

Oh and I’m also wearing the Watermelon Belcarra Blouse and the You Mean I’m Wearing Orange?! Skirt.

Day 13 was a photofail. I was feeling really ill, and left work early to fall into bed. I can tell you that I was wearing the What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! Belcarra blouse, and the denim skirt from Day 8.

Day 14 - honestly this bright green top was the best thing about Thursday.

Day 14 – honestly this bright green top was the best thing about Thursday.

I was feeling better on the Thursday, thankfully. I was wearing the Cadfael & Cats Belcarra Blouse, and the Counterintuitive Black Bird skirt, along with the Slightly Zebrafied Cardigan. My outfit was the nicest thing about Thursday which was an otherwise dreadful day!

Day 15

Day 15 – it may not have been summery for everyone else, but it was for me


Day 15 was a repeat of the Dress of Many Colours. I spent the *whole* day being told I looked very summery or very bright, or very colourful. I don’t mind at all, I love these colours.

And I think I’ll leave it there for now, because this post is starting to turn into War & Peace. I’ll try to keep up better!



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