The Me-Made-May Review post

MMM is supposed to be a challenge, and it was, in several ways:

Challenge #1 – A lot of my me-mades are samey. This is a result of my laziness- I use the same pattern over and over. If you asked non-sewers they probably wouldn’t have noticed, but when you’re trying to make different-looking outfits from a very small range of items, over 31 days, you realise how limited your wardrobe is!

Challenge #2 – I’d forgotten all about my dance teaching when I made the rules, and had to scrabble around to find something me-made that I could sensibly wear to class, and actually it all turned out fine, and gave some of my students ideas on what they could possibly try making for themselves, which is a MMM bonus!

Challenge #3 – The selfies. I’ve already posted on how that just didn’t work for me this year, and I’m kind of sad, because part of the fun of MMM is that sharing element. I tried to keep up with the flickr group and instagram, to see how other people were doing, but I felt much less connected because I wasn’t posting pictures myself. And I know there were good reasons why I didn’t have the energy to do it, and I’m not beating myself up about it, but I am noticing that it made a difference this time round. It’s also meant that I haven’t recorded every outfit, as I’d hoped to do.

Having said all that, MMM was also a source of great pleasure:

Pleasure #1 – I’m beyond thrilled that I managed to make it through the whole month wearing nothing but me-made outfits. My official pledge was “I will endeavour to wear Mostly Me Made each day for the duration of May 2015.” My personal rules for that were, apart from undies, tights and shoes, everything I wore had to have been made or refashioned in some way by me. That meant no coats, but that was fine, because I managed to not need one. And I did it! Go me!

Pleasure #2 – I found that a lot of my me-mades work together well. They’re well integrated together. This means I wear them fairly easily. That’s gratifying, and a definite improvement on last year’s MMM. I found I definitely used that experience to prioritise certain makes, and that did help to fill gaps in my wardrobe for this year. I’ll be reviewing my wardrobe again and seeing where I need to direct my attention in future. But to be honest, I sew for fun, so if I don’t feel like making a thing, well I’m not going to force myself.

Pleasure #3 – I told more non-sewing people about it, and it was fun to explain to them what MMM is all about and to see it suddenly dawning on them that everything I’d worn for the last few weeks were all made or refashioned by me.

I’m not sure how I’ll do it next time. I do think it’s important for me to do the photo-documentation, and that will probably be the thrust of my pledge next year. But I’ll have to work out a way to make it manageable. I’m sure this is feasible, I just need to think about it a bit more. And that’s ok, because I’ve got the best part of 11 months to ponder it.


4 thoughts on “The Me-Made-May Review post

  1. Yay and congrats on another successful MMM! Sounds like you really rose to your advanced-level challenge this year! On the subject of the onerous ‘selfies’, you could always try the Oonaballoona approach and photograph your outfits on a dress form (or hanger!) each day?

    • Thanks Sarah!
      A dress form? Oh how I dream of a dress form! But I do need to try and work out a way of photographing at home, that I feel comfortable with. So it might end up being hanger shots. Also it kind of depends on what angle I take with the challenge, I don’t think I’ll necessarily repeat this particular pledge. I’ll have to see which way MMM takes me next time…

    • Awww, thanks Sarah! I’m fine, a bit snowed under with my day jobs, and not doing much creating right now. I miss it but I’m heading towards being able to do more in the new year. As soon as I’ve got anything worth posting about, I’ll be back here, letting the world know that I made a thing!

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