There are stirrings of creativity

I’m due to fly to Cairo on Wednesday week. So of course I’ve left it till today to start making any kind of travel wardrobe.

While it’s warm out there during the day, it’s chilly in the evenings, so layers are called for. I’m planning on there being plenty of evenings out, so I’m making a poncho/cape sort of thing. I swore I’d had enough of ponchos back in the seventies – that was enough for anybody. But one of my lovely nieces has a really cool one, with a fur collar, which looks very stylish, and I decided I had the perfect fabric in the stash to make one of my own. It’s in this sort of style:

I had to buy the faux fur, but the fabric and the collar lining are from stash. Which is a good thing. And I’ve got enough faux fur left to make a big Russian-style fur hat!

I’ve also got to make some pjs because I’ll be room sharing with my friend Candi. So I’ve done a dummy run top, which has worked well enough that it’s going to be one of my holiday tops. The top needs finishing, and I can now safely use the pattern (self-drafted) to get started on the pyjamas tomorrow.

After months of making nothing, I’m feeling all inspired and excited to be making anything at all! I’m hoping to have something concrete to post about shortly. Watch this space!


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