Renewing my Stashbusting Pledge for 2016


With a year of not making stuff behind me, my fabric stash has not diminished much (finding the positive, though, it’s not got any bigger either). The things I’ve completed just now have made a small dent, but I feel the need to make a renewed Stashbusting commitment.

Deep breath!

For 2016, I aim to:

  • Catalogue my fabric stash. For Internet accountability purposes. This is important because I don’t even know exactly what I’ve got. However, this is not going to going to happen just yet, because of going away. I’m going to aim for it being done by the end of the Easter weekend.
  • Use 10 pieces of stash fabric, use *up* 5 pieces. Some of my stash consists of substantial lengths of material which remain as bought/acquired, and some is material that’s left over from other projects. I would like to be finished with some of it! So I want to get to the point where there’s nothing left of the pieces but scraps.
    Edited for clarity – the aim is to make 10 garments, using *up* 5 pieces of stash fabric along the way, so it’s 10 in total, not 10 + 5. If I make a garment, that will count as one of the 10 stashbusters. If I then make a second garment, using the rest of that fabric, then it will count as one of the 5 finish-offers.
  • Fix, mend or refashion 10 items. Some of my stash is clothing that is currently unwearable for one reason or another. It may need fixing to make it fit better, or mending, or it may be ripe for refashioning. I’ve also got a gazillion plain t-shirts that I want to tart up. Let’s get some of it done and dusted.
  • Not buy any new fabric until I have used up at least 5 stash items already. This includes not acquiring freebies either. Basically not adding any more to the stash, so that it does come down to more acceptable proportions.

I am sure this is manageable. It’s one piece of stash per month, and one fix-up, with a month in hand. However, this is not a pledge as such, because I don’t want to create a false sense of stress about it all. I sew for fun!


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