Me Made May progress

I’ve made it to day 4, although to be honest, days 1 & 2 were lounging about at home days so I wasn’t making any kind of sartorial (or indeed photographic) effort.

My progress can be followed on Instagram (@missbeacurtis) or on Flickr (where I’m beassewingadventures).


Me Made May 2016 – well begun is half done…

Day 1 – Refashioned t-shirt top plus a simple skirt that I will blog more fully when there’s a decent picture of it.

Day 2 – Another refashioned t-shirt plus the same skirt.

Day 3 – The Watermelon Belcarra blouse, plus the Counterintuitive Black Birds Skirt. There was also a refashioned cardigan, and I made my flower hair clip.

Day 4 – The What Could Possibly Go Wrong Belcarra blouse, plus the rose-tinted Black Denim Skirt. And again, I had a refashioned cardi.

So far, I’ve realised that I just don’t enjoy wearing the What Could Go Wrong top. I had a hard time making it, and those bad vibes have stuck to it. I fear that once 1st June comes along, it will be for the chop.

I’m already seeing the gaping hole in my me-made wardrobe that is Tops, and wondering how many new tops I can make in the next few days to avoid repeating the same ones week after week. I’ve got a couple of UFOs (it would be nice to be able to call them Works in Progress but I think that would be self-deluding!) which might come in handy, if I could only actually F them. This might be my push to do so.


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