Well, one zip, at least.


I was thinking that I’d get my current sewing class project finished tonight. However, when I asked the tutor about zips, she suggested adding a placket to the lapped zip. This will make my dress more lovely, but it takes longer than a plain lapped zip without any placket. I would have finished it at home, but went for a drink with the former Gentleman Friend and kinda lost the momentum! Tomorrow I will be firing on more cylinders, and I should be able to handle the finishing off of the zip without Gail’s expert guidance. Though I still need her to make sure my facings get finished in a professional and pleasing way.

I’m really pleased with tonight’s class, because zips have been something of a bete noire. I’ve never been entirely happy with my machine-sewn zips, and preferred to hand-sew them, to keep control of what I was doing. I’m planning on trying a concealed zip for the next project now… Who’d have thought?!

I’ve also been using the overlocker, which is a bit scary, because of that cutting blade! But such a tidy finish!


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