Me-Made May continues

More office selfies

More office selfies

Day 5 – The chartreuse Cadfael & Cats Belcarra blouse was paired with the Squares and Triangles Circle skirt, for colour purposes.

Day 6 – This was Friday, which meant Friday Themes. I seem to have volunteered to organise the voting on the Flickr group for Friday themes – if you’re in the group do please go to the Discussions and vote for your favourites. I made a sort of unilateral decision to go for Yellow as the theme for the first one, because we hadn’t had time to sort out voting or anything much. Since I really don’t wear yellow, the nearest I could come up with was the Jif Lemon Dress, with its lemon appliqués.

Day 7 – The new Hong Kong top proved very successful, paired with the Counterintuitive Black Birds skirt. I really liked this silhouette. I must try to repeat this in some way. I’ve got plenty of straight skirts, I just need to find the right fabrics to make a load of shell tops. Damn this Stash diet!

Day 8 – The Blue Roses dress came out to play.

I’ve got no idea at all what I’m going to wear tomorrow!

The main realisation that has come to me in the last couple of days of MMM is from the hours of scrolling through other people’s photos on Flickr and Instagram. All the photos I’m liking seem to fall principally into the categories of Black and White, Bright Colours, Florals, and Geometrics. If I was unsure before, I think that proves definitively what my personal signature style is.

Is there anyone reading who’s doing MMM? Has it changed/confirmed your views on your wardrobe?


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