Six day’s worth of Me Made Mays

I’ve got a bit behind so there are 6 rather than 4 days today…

Days 17 to 22

Days 17 to 22

Day 17 – The Christmas refashioned top with the Red Square Skirt. That skirt either needs a serious makeover to make it more wearable, or it’s for the chop on 1st June. It’s just looking too frumpy.

Day 18 – The chartreuse Cadfael & Cats Belcarra Blouse, paired with the aubergine jersey skirt.

Day 19 – The Pretty Summer Splodges skirt, worn with the stripey refashioned top, because I can’t find the white top I intended to wear with it, and the stripes were the closest to grey I could manage.

Day 20 – The Blue Roses dress. I got a lot of “You look very summery” comments. I’m treating them all as compliments. Also it was Friday Theme Day, so the photo was mostly of my lovely local pub, the Stoke.

Day 21 – The Watermelon Belcarra Blouse, and the You Mean I’m Wearing Orange?! Skirt.

Day 22 – A complete outfit repeat from Day 7, the Hong Kong top with the Counterintuitive Black Birds skirt. I was pulling a silly face because my niece was taking the pic. We were having a delightful lunch to celebrate her 19th birthday.

The main thoughts that I’ve had this week are around outfit repeats, because there have been a few now, especially dresses, because a dress is an outfit all by itself.

  • Firstly, I will inevitably repeat outfits – when two things go together well, I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t wear them together again on other occasions. If a dress looks nice on me, then I’ll wear it again. That’s the normal way I wear clothes. If they look good, I’ll carry on wearing them.
  • Secondly, another reason I would repeat outfits is that I have some self-mades that just don’t have multiple self-made matches – the Hong Kong top is a classic example of that. It needs a black skirt to match, but I only have one suitable black skirt. That doesn’t make it a “hole in my wardrobe” because actually I’ve got tons of black skirts to match it with, only they aren’t me-made.
  • Thirdly, I don’t particularly aspire to an entirely me-made wardrobe. I’m not going to sew yet another black skirt, however much I want to, because I do love me a black skirt, because I’ve got plenty of them (I say that, but the chances are I *will* sew myself another black skirt!). The challenge for MMM is to manage with just my me-mades, for this one month of the year- for the rest of the year I know I have more variation.

So unless I get on with some more of those UFOs in the pile there will inevitably be more repeats, of garments and quite possibly of outfits, over the next week.

And speaking of the UFO pile, I’ve put the metaphorical pile into more of a physical pile, i.e. I’m collecting them all together so I’ve got more of a handle on what still needs doing.  I did not realise how many I’d got!


2 thoughts on “Six day’s worth of Me Made Mays

  1. Hey Bea, you’re nearly there and keeping it together with the selfies this year, well done! I think that issue you highlight, about the fact that normally you would mix ‘n’ match RTWs with the Me-Mades in your wardrobe is one of the things I’d find so hard to overcome for this challenge. So yay for spending that energy on your UFOs instead of *another* black skirt!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I’ve got one more UFO done and dusted, but it wasn’t a very long-standing one, it’s the Under the Sea sundress which I’d been working on at sewing classes. And today I’ve been working on another, which is a half circle skirt which I cut out months ago, but never got around to doing any sewing on. I’m feeling quite virtuous, and it’s meant that I don’t feel terribly guilty for buying some pink polka dot fabric yesterday!

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