Two UFOs and new acquisition

I’m leaving the last MMM pics for another day. There’s a lot of repeats now, so it’s not so exciting!

I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been working on the pile of UFOs that have been taunting me. The Under the Sea sundress is completed. This is a project from my garment sewing and pattern cutting class, and it was more or less completed three weeks ago. All it needed was hemming, and that got done last night.

Under the Sea hemming

And today, with the bank holiday giving me some extra time when I’m not feeling exhausted, I tackled a much more long-standing UFO, namely a half circle skirt which I’d cut out months ago, and never got around to sewing up.

Floral half circle

I’ve still got the hemming to do on this one. I was thinking of cheating and doing it by machine, but the fabric has got a lovely sateen finish and I think it would look a lot better done by hand. So that may take a while longer than I’d anticipated.

I hope to have some proper photos to show both these items before too long.

Since I’ve now used five items from stash this year, I don’t feel at all guilty about buying some gloriously pink fabric yesterday to sew my next sewing class piece.



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