The final #MMMay16 post

I feel quite proud of myself this year. I met my pledge (apart from one RTW top in extremis), and I also met my personal aim which was to photodocument each day. I will freely admit that quite a lot of the photos were frankly rubbish, but they are there, and that was the point. I posted on Flickr and on Instagram, and I spent ludicrous amounts of time trawling through the MMMay16 hashtags, to see what everyone else was posting!

I’ll do the reflections on my MMM first, then the final outfits.

What I have learned from my participation in Me Made May 2016

The photo-journalling definitely enhanced my experience of this month, because it meant I was engaging with other sewers online and felt like part of the greater community of sewers. It encouraged me to post my photos, because I felt like it’s only fair, if I’m adding my likes and comments on the profiles of others, to put my pics up for the same treatment. That leads in turn to acquiring a whole load more blogs to peruse, and instagram profiles to follow now that MMM is over.

This month has been a particular inspiration for me to get my sewing act together, with three UFOs finally F’ed, and a top embellished. I am all fired up to create some new skirts and tops, in my sewing class and at home.

I did feel like my me-made wardrobe was somewhat jaded, and I was reliant on a lot of old stuff that has been seen before. Even if other people didn’t know that it was so much old stuff, I did. Also, I already wear my me-mades a lot throughout the year anyway, so I felt quite meh about my outfits. I know MMM isn’t supposed to be all about brand new shiny, but I would have felt happier to have at least some new stuff. Last year was such a dud year for my sewing that there just wasn’t much to add to the mix this time round. But it is what it is, and I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Instead I will use this post as a reminder and inspiration for the next year, to get my sew-jo on, in the run up to MMM17.

I’ve got my colour palette well sussed. Things go with things, although in my ordinary clothes-wearing life I have a range of RTW items that create more links, more options than this month has shown. I’ve got no wardrobe orphans. I could probably use some more cardigans, though, especially in colours other than black!

It made me appreciate all over again some classic patterns that I could very happily reuse, because they are already graded and ready to go.

I’m also getting the feeling that the universe wants me to make a Colette Moneta dress. I saw so many lovely versions on other people and it’s a style which calls out to me, incorporating both prettiness and comfort. So that’s one of my aims for myself for the next year.

And that’s it, Me Made May 2016 is all done & dusted. It’s been fun, and exhausting (spending hours, literally hours, trawling through the IG feed, late at night!), and it’s really jump-started a whole new set of internet connections, some of which I hope will turn into real life connections, so as ever, I send out my massive thanks to Zoe, for another great MMM!


And finally, here are the outfits for the last 9 days of May, for those who have managed to stick through to the bitter end!

Days 23 to 31 - the blogging slacked off, evidently

Days 23 to 31 – the blogging slacked off, evidently

I’ll whiz through, because there was an awful lot of repetition going on.

Day 23 – the Cairo top with the aubergine skirt, both blogged here.

Day 24 – I was feeling ill, but managed to drag myself to teach dance, wearing a refashioned t-shirt also blogged here (it was a bit of a catch up post!), refashioned leggings and a me-made hip skirt thingy.

Day 25 – the aubergine skirt again, and the two become one top.

Day 26 – the rose tinted black denim skirt and the beaded Christmas top.

Day 27 – it was a Friday Theme day – Polka Dot Parade – I went for stealth polka dots, namely the bias binding hemming tape on the Counterintuitive Black Birds skirt. Paired with the crystal t-shirt top.

Day 28 – the Dress of Many Colours

Day 29 – the Cadfael & Cats Belcarra Blouse, along with a zebra print skirt that has been sitting, unloved, in the wardrobe. It’s in a very thin lycra jersey, much too thin to wear out much, but I do love a zebra print (black and white is always classy, right?). I made it maybe three or four years ago. But wearing it made me realise I love that zebra print too much to not wear it, so I’m going to have to make a proper version some time. Because I don’t have enough projects in my head already.

Day 30 – the brand new, just finished the night before, Under the Sea dress, which I need to photograph, so that I can blog it, but it’s going to need the weather to be a sight nicer than it’s been this week for that to happen.

Day 31 – and with a final flourish, the brand new, just finished the night before, Big Floral Circle Skirt, worn with the beaded Christmas top, because I’d run out of tops that might possibly go with it.



4 thoughts on “The final #MMMay16 post

  1. You have some lovely makes here Bea. I love the floral fabric on Day 28.
    Its nice to find a new blog to read and thank you for your kind comment on mine. Caroline

    • Thank you Caroline!
      That fabric was from a Fabric and Pattern Swap a couple of years back. It wasn’t fabric I would ever have chosen for myself, but I figured if my swap partner thought I could carry it off, then I should at least give it a shot. I was very happy with the results!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! – You did MMM! It’s been lovely to read your posts here and always fab to see what you’ve been making, what’s worked and what hasn’t. Thanks so much for sharing!

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