Stashwatch Update


On Monday it’s the Final of the Great British Sewing Bee for 2016, and I’ll be up in London, watching it with the lovely Ana of Cocowawa Crafts & Elena of Sew it with Love, and all the rest of the GBSB group. If you want to come along, check out the Doodle link in this post.

The evening will include, amongst other, as yet unknown, delights, a fabric swap, so I’ve been going through my stash, to see what to take along. It’s not quite so easy because I offloaded four pieces last month and most of what’s left I’ve got plans for. But I’ve unearthed a couple more bits that are substantial enough to pass on. And I remembered my mahoosive collection of long white zips.

Stash to be swapped

So while I was a-rummaging, I decided to take stock, work out what I want to do with everything, and think about my next bits of sewing.

I’ve got 3 WIPs/UFOs, two of which only need hemming, so I’m hoping to get at least one of them done and dusted tonight, and the third is a skirt which is cut out, but needs a bit of thinking about. I’m hoping to get three shell tops and two skirts cut out this coming week.

So how does this all affect my 2016 Stashwatch Pledge? Well, my aims for the year were:

  • to catalogue the stash (tick!),
  • to use 10 pieces of stash fabric, of which 5 would be used *up* (I’ve used 6 so far, with 4 of them using up the whole piece, I’m feeling very positive about this one),
  • to fix/mend/refashion 10 items (not doing so well on this one, I’ve only done 1 refashion so far, I need to up my game).
  • to not buy any new fabric until I’d used at least 5 stash items (done, but I did hit Goldhawk Road as soon as I achieved this!)

I’m hoping to come home from the swap with up to three usable pieces which will mean stash neutrality. Once that’s done, I’m going to go back on the stash diet for a while. I’m not attempting to reduce my stash to zero, just to keep it to manageable proportions.

We’re half way through the year, so I’ll need to get my patootie in gear to meet the rest of those aims.



7 thoughts on “Stashwatch Update

    • Thanks! I’ve managed to come back from the swap with only two pieces of fabric, so neutrality has been maintained. Let’s hope I can keep my resolve.

    • I don’t feel like I’m doing well – as soon as I use fabric up, I go out and get some more! When I added up all the bits of fabric I’ve got, I realised I need to get this under control. If only to give myself more top of the wardrobe storage space.

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