Holiday sewing

Grey birds 1

Holiday sewing – it must have been in the morning, because it’s coffee!

I’m just back from a holiday in Vendée (France). It was a lazy kind of a holiday, in that we didn’t do a whole lot- no paragliding, no white water rafting, no visiting museums… Visiting relatives, and having them visit us was the full extent of the activities. Oh, and going to the beach.

Which left me with plenty of time for sitting around and keeping myself busy. I took along a couple of sewing projects which I could finish off by hand, and a knitting project.

My first holiday UFO was a skirt which I’d originally cut out over a year ago, in an attempt to kickstart my sew-jo, which went completely awol in 2015. I got this fabric from Ditto in Brighton. I couldn’t resist the birds. The fabric was going to do all the talking – it was going to be a very straightforward pleated skirt. A waistband, a zip, a tube of fabric to pleat and a hem. There was nothing simpler, but it had been hanging around making me feel guilty for all this time, and I decided I could get it to the hand finishing phase before I left and finish it while I was away. It would fit in well with my pink/grey/black/white holiday wardrobe plans.

I had a bit over one metre of the fabric. I cut the waistband, then cut the remaining fabric in two, so that I had a front and a back. I sewed them together, making sure my birds were more or less in line, to create a tube. I made two inverted pleats front, and two back, because that’s what had been in my head. I’d forgotten just how wide the fabric was, so the box pleats are pretty big, but that’s fine.

I did a pretty hot zip insertion – I think I’m getting over my aversion to machine sewing zips! It’s a lapped zip at the side. I don’t know what the conventions are on which side the zip should go, but it seemed right for it to be on my right side. Then I sewed on the waistband. That left me three sewing jobs to complete on holiday – hand-stitching the waistband down, sewing in a hook and bar, and hemming.

Boom! That was the work of but a morning, and I was wearing the skirt the next day!

Honestly, the hem is straight. There's a breeze blowing it backwards.

Honestly, the hem is straight. There’s a breeze blowing those big box pleats about, is all.

This was a nice simple sew, nothing fancy,but it’s a nice summer skirt that I’ve already enjoyed wearing, and I’m hoping will see me through to the end of September or then-abouts.

Grey birds 3

Oh look, the sun’s over the yard-arm!


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