More holiday sewing


My Second Holiday Make – and by the way, I can remember that tree being planted. OMG I’m older than that tree!

I decided on the day I was leaving for my holidays that I should have a second sewing project with me, as the first one wouldn’t take long to complete. I didn’t have one handily ready to take along, so of course I started a brand new one. It’s not quite as bonkers as it sounds. I wasn’t due to leave the house until about 9.00pm. I also have a broken up work day on Thursdays, so I had about an hour of spare time in the early afternoon, and I finished my afternoon job at 5.00pm, so I had a fair amount of time spare to sew a simple dress together.

My holiday wardrobe was lacking in summer sundresses, so my project was to make one that I could finish by hand out there, and then wear once it was done. I picked out a stripy jersey, which has been in the stash a long time. It’s got some lycra in it, which makes it quite bouncy. I didn’t mess about with anything so fancy as a pattern, I just took one of my t-shirts and traced around it, then took one of my straight skirts and traced around that. I didn’t cut any neckline, because I could sort that out later. I just did a sort of slash neckline and capped sleeves, that I could cut away when I decided what finish I wanted. I sewed the shoulders and side seams using the stretch stitch on my machine. I don’t know how that works, but it certainly did the trick – the seams are good and stretchy. Since the fabric is jersey and unlikely to fray, I didn’t bother to neaten them. I bundled everything into my sewing and knitting bag, and headed on out…

Once on my hols, I finished the Grey Birds Skirt, as mentioned in my last post, and this was the next project to work on, especially as I wanted to wear this dress. I asked the nieces to suggest what sort of neckline I should aim for, and we agreed on a scoop neck and reasonably narrow straps. I pinned to check the shape, then cut (generously, just in case I’d got it wrong). The pinned shape worked well, so I tacked it down, and started to sew.

All tacked up

All tacked and ready to stitch

I was using a herringbone stitch, and however careful I might be, the stitching was bound to show on the right side of the fabric. That meant being very *very* neat. I think I did ok.

Again with the afternoon refreshments

Long shadows = evening refreshments…

Unfortunately I ran out of white cotton, and I asked my sister, who was going to the supermarket, to try and get me some white thread there. The thread she came back with was thick upholstery type cotton! Oh well, it still worked as thread…

I got some pretty sweet stripe matching action in the shoulders, not so much in the side seams, but it was close enough for me.


You win some…

This dress got a lot of wear on holiday, because it was perfect for those long summer days. What I did find, which came as no surprise, was that it was a little bit gapey around the armholes, but it’s nothing that a bit of clear elastic won’t sort out.


But other than that little bit of fixing to be done, I love it!




4 thoughts on “More holiday sewing

  1. Amazed at the way you improvise and take chances so successfully. Love the dress and, with a jacket or cardigan on top, it will brighten up your winter as well.

    • Thanks Barbara, I’m a big fan of improvising, but that’s usually just because I’m lazy. I’m not sure it’s always very successful. One of my reasons for wanting to go to sewing classes was to make sure I was doing things “properly”.

      It wouldn’t have occurred to me to wear this dress in the winter, it’s a bit thin, but I guess with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of warm tights it would work!

  2. I too stand gawping at your Improv – I can’t believe how you can get such a funky, well-fitting dress from tracing off some separates and then winging the rest! Sure wouldn’t look like that if I tried it, haha! Looks super.

    • Aw, thanks Sarah! Using jersey makes it a lot easier, because a little bit of stretch can cover a multitude of fitting sins. As I said to Barbara, it’s kind of a lazy way to put a garment together and if it hadn’t been a case of getting the project together in time to leave the house I would probably have tried to draft a proper pattern for it.

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