Salvaging the jersey dress and a teaser

So you’ll recall I did a workshop a few weeks ago, and made a dress that really didn’t work. I thought I could at least make a skirt out of the bottom bit of it. But I left it a while, so I could be a bit less emotional when I next approached it.

Today, I decided to pile all the UFOs together, to make sure I knew where they all are, and to try and work on some of them. I decided the dress that didn’t work had spent enough time in the Naughty Corner and had probably thought long and hard about how much it had let itself down, and was ready to try and make amends. So I pulled it out of the pile, to unpick the waist seam and start making that skirt. I hadn’t realised quite how squashy this double jersey was. Man, those stitches had really sunk into the fabric!

Having separated the top and bottom of the dress, I was all set to put an elasticated waistband onto the skirt part, but then I looked at the bodice that I had thought would be going into the scraps bag. I wondered, could it work as a top by itself? During the making process the bodice had seemed to go well, it was only when I joined it to the skirt that it all went horribly wrong.

So what do you think?

Wrap fix up 1.jpg

Too short! I know!

It’s a bit too short to leave the lower edge as is and just hem it. I need to add some length. I’ve got two long wrap ties that I’d be happy to sacrifice, but not much other spare fabric in long pieces. Unless I also sacrifice the skirt, or make it maybe 10cm shorter, which I think I could do and still be within the bounds of decency. But I’m not sure of the best technique for adding that extra length: some kind of band I guess?

What do you think? All suggestions gratefully received!

And finally, here’s a teaser for my first ever Simple Sew Blog make. I’m not sure when my post will go live, and I don’t want to spoil it, so this is as much as I’ll show for now.


4 thoughts on “Salvaging the jersey dress and a teaser

  1. I don’t know this pattern intimately but I believe that it is a faux wrap. Does this mean that the top is pulled over the head and does not wrap around or is it the skirt part only that does not wrap? Anyway, my suggestion is to add some toning or contrasting stretch lace on the bottom. White tree fabrics have a selection by the yard or you might be able to get some wide stretch lace trim such as this, which is from Fabricland Those are just a couple of fabrics that I found by googling stretch lace fabric..
    Good luck with your salvage operation.

    • Excellent idea Barbara! It hadn’t even occured to me to use a different fabric!
      This is a faux wrap dress, so at the moment the top has to be pulled on over the head, but there’s no reason why I can’t turn it into a proper wrap, with the use of my trusty unpicker!

  2. Hi Bea! I think this looks like it could be a great top! How about maybe adding a peplum to the bottom? And if you go down the contrasting-fabric route (as I’ve often done when I’ve run out of fabric or done an alteration!), one of my favourite tricks is to use a little bit of the contrast fabric to make a trim or cuff around the sleeve edges as well – that way it looks more like a ‘design feature’. Happy experimenting!

    • Hi Sarah, that’s a good way to make it all look well put together.
      I’m currently allowing lots of different ideas to marinate, but I’d really like to see this become a wearable top by technology end of the year.

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