A late night fixer upper

This is a quick refashion that’s only been in the To Do pile for two or three weeks, and I finished last night. Which is pretty good going, for me!

It always pays to keep your scraps

This is another refashion of a boring Primark t-shirt, into something that’s a bit more me. I wasn’t wearing this t-shirt, because the neckline was higher than I like, and I always felt claustrophobic in it. So I cut the existing binding out and widened the neckline, bringing it a bit lower, so that it’s more flattering, as well as more comfortable.

The binding was cut from a scrap of knit fabric that I had cut off a circle skirt to even out the hem, two or three years ago. I could have thrown that scrap away, but I’m always reluctant to throw bits away, if I think there might be ways to use them. So I knew it was lurking in my scraps bag, and would be a perfect contrast.

I cut a long thin rectangle, didn’t even measure it (Bad Béa, naughty, naughty Béa), and folded it in half lengthways, wrong side to wrong side. I sewed it onto the right side of the neckline, making sure I gave it some stretch, so it wouldn’t gape. Then I folded the edges of the binding to the inside, and whipped out my lovely twin needle, to top-stitch it down. I didn’t have the right lavender coloured thread, but made do with black. It’s a design feature, right?

And bingo, I had a t-shirt I could happily wear to work today.


It looks like it was meant to be like this from the start!

I’m pleased that it’s adding to my personal Stashwatch aims, which include refashions, fix-ups and mending. I am behind on this particular aim, but I think it’s kick-starting a refashioning phase. It’s a really good way to practise skills!


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