Autumn Stashwatch Update


It’s been a while since my last update. I’m feeling pretty good about most of my Stashwatch aims.

To recap, the aims for the year were:

  • to catalogue the stash.
    This is done, and it’s all here.
  • to use 10 pieces of stash fabric, of which 5 would be used *up*.
    Again, done – and I’m ahead of the game now!
  • to fix/mend/refashion 10 items.
    Sadly, these have been few – only four so far, with one of those still to be blogged.
  • to not buy any new fabric until I’d used at least 5 stash items.
    This was done a while ago, and I’m still working on not acquiring much more new fabric. I’ve been getting some free fabric for my Simple Sew Bloggers makes, but I’ve tried to use stash fabric for toiling and extra versions. But even so, it’s nice to allow myself a few guilt-free acquisitions.

I’m thinking more, now, about the refashions and fixes aim. I don’t know why I don’t work on those more. My refashions are usually quick and easy and they tick all my boxes on making my clothing more personal and unique. So I’m trying to get more of those done. The fix-ups are the ones that aren’t so creative or fun, and they might take me longer to get done. But I think I can get a couple of them done as quickies, in the next couple of months.

My catalogued stash includes a few works in progress which need finishing, but some of them are more summery, so I don’t have so much incentive to finish those right now. I’ll be trying to get the less summery ones finished by the end of the year.


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