Some Selfless Sewing

You all know how rare it is for me to sew anything for anyone else. Tonight this was forced upon me by my lack of planning or organisation. Tomorrow morning at work it’s the last Curriculum Team Meeting of the year, and by tradition there’s a lucky dip Secret Santa. The budget limit is £2, so as to include even the grinches. I’ve done NO shopping for Christmas yet, and I was wondering how I was going to sort this one out, given that I’ve got to put it in the box tomorrow morning at 9.30am.

Inspiration came as a result of remembering a) a conversation I had a couple of weeks back with Claire of Sew, Incidentally about how practical infinity scarves are, and b) one of Claire-Louise Hardy’s Thrifty Stitcher emails linking to an infinity scarf tutorial video.

So this year I’ve gone down the handmade route. The fabric came from a fabric swap, so that’s free, right? All I’ve had to pay for is the pompom trim, which came to about £1.50, so I’m well within the designated budget.


Things I feel I should point out, for the benefit of future generations:

  1. Pompoms get everywhere – they’re on little threads so that they dangle, which is delightful, but it does mean they need some serious wrangling!
  2. Don’t forget to turn the scarf half right side out in order to sew the short edges. I started off by failing to do this, and ended up with a rather weird object that bore no resemblance to a scarf. Fortunately, this is such a quick sew that even unpicking and re-doing that bit didn’t take long and I soon had it back under control.

I sneakily tried it on, because I had to check it would work.

Yes, it does indeed work, hooray!

Yes, it does indeed work, hooray!

But it’s now all wrapped up, ready for tomorrow morning. I’m banking on the cutesey heart wrapping paper putting off either of the two men on the team from picking it.

I’ve got enough fabric and pompoms left to make another one. In fact I’ve already attached the pompoms in readiness for the sewing. I don’t know yet whether I’ll have to give it away (I’m seriously not organised for Christmas this year). I’m hoping not, because I quite fancy keeping it. Although I wouldn’t be able to wear it at work, on account of outing myself as the Secret Santa!


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