MMM17 – Week 3 – Almost on time!

MMM is still feeling quite easy. That must mean that my handmade wardrobe is fitting seamlessly into my everyday life!

Week 3 went like this:

Day 15 – The #Sewdots no 2 batwing dress was nice and cosy for a not-so-warm day, and I wore it with the Dressmakers Ball pearl jewellery, which gained this outfit a couple of nice compliments – always appreciated!

Day 16 – I wore the Blue Roses dress, with my new Little Fishies jewellery set. I was also teaching, so I wore my grey/blue unblogged leggings and beaded Christmas T-shirt, with the shocking pink moustache skirt.

Day 17 – The first MMM outing for the Cairo Top, with the Counterintuitive Black Birds Skirt. The bird appliqués are getting a bit grungy now, the felt has pilled quite a lot over the years. They’re OK so long as you don’t look up close – fortunately there’s nobody hanging around at my knee level! I wore the baby pink jewellery, because I felt it matched the pink in the top.

Day 18 – The imperfect polka dot belcarra top, tucked in, so you didn’t get to see the imperfect polka dot border, with the Squares and Triangles Circle Skirt. I added my lime bracelet, to match the green in the skirt, and the jump ring earrings, which are fast becoming my earring “neutrals”.

Day 19 – The Two Becomes One t-shirt, with the aubergine ponte skirt, one of my wardrobe essentials. The top was TOTALLY chosen because I wanted to wear my newly made iridescent blue glass tube earrings.

Day 20 – I pulled out the chilli stripe jersey dress, because I love it and it feels summery. But I did end up feeling a bit chilly (ahahaha! see what I did there?), so I added my slouchy teal cardigan, and was surprised at how well they went together. I wore the same earrings, because I was feeling the love!

Day 21 – Another sunny day meant the Under the Sea dress, on which I still haven’t altered the neckline like I wanted to. Same earrings, because they are my new favourites, and they went with the outfit, and the lime bracelet which was also quite matchy.

You know you can keep tabs on all this day by day on Instagram, don’t you? See the daily me-made outfits in real time (hashtagged with the official #mmmay17), and also odd photos of whatever I happen to be doing that I remember to photograph.


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