Fabric buying

I mentioned in my last Me Made May post going on a fabric buying trip. This was a last minute get-together of some sewing bloggers at Walthamstow market. Some I knew already, some was meeting for the first time. I totally failed to get any photos (I’m a terrible blogger, I hang my head in shame) but at least I can share a picture of my haul.

There’s a theme here, isn’t there?

From top left going clockwise:
* a beautiful silk jersey with amazing drape. I’m calling this colour heliotrope. It’s quite a pinkish purple and there should be enough for a top. From the world famous Man Outside Sainsbury’s.
* a pale grey Cupro. I only got a metre and I’m starting to regret that. I don’t know what I was thinking – I should have got more. I guess it will be a straight skirt, unless I can find something to pair it with and make it go further. Another TMOS one.
* 2 metres of something white and synthetically silky. From Fabric Store. I might try using it for a summer blouse.
* a dark grey chambray from Saeeds, enough for a top.
* a rather splendid dot and floral print stretch Cotton. I only got enough for a short skirt for the summer. Again from TMOS.
* a hot pink viscose, from the Textile Centre which is an absolutely perfect match for…
* Navy and pink floral viscose, also from the Textile Centre. I got lots of this, because it was ridiculously cheap, so there’s plenty to make a dress.

I have to say, I can shop way way quicker when I’m on my own. I could probably have whizzed through and got all these in under an hour. But it’s a lot more fun to go shopping with a gang of other sewers. Claire of Sew, Incidentally has organised a few meetups ups at Walthamstow and she was talking about making these more regular – some on Saturdays and some on weekdays – so if you’re interested you could do worse than to follow her on Instagram.

I think this is probably enough to cover my summer sewing! 


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