Winter Sewjo, a very rare visitor

Well it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I hardly remember how… Let’s see if I can write a bit about sewing.

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, that my sewjo takes a nosedive during the autumn and winter, that I’m at my most creative in the spring & summer. But 2020 has proved to be a complete reversaroo on that. Spring & Summer, when we were on lockdown and things were all weird and scary, provided me with zero inspiration to make anything at all. I didn’t even make any facemasks until September.

But with the autumn drawing in, I was trying to choose what Simple Sew Pattern to make for their blog and I found myself thinking quite enthusiastically about cosiness, snuggliness and warmth, so I plumped for their Classic Sweatshirt Pattern.

Simple Sew Classic Sweatshirt Pattern

I had a few ideas of what I could do with it. I could have made it as a straight sweatshirt, but all the other bloggers who had used this pattern before me had kept to the pattern as it stands, so I wanted to tinker about with it, to show it could be used in a different way. The easiest hack was to lengthen it to dress dimensions, so that’s what I did. If you want all the details of how I made this, you can visit my Simple Sew Blog post

I was using some fabric I bought a couple of years ago from Sewisfaction.  The plain fabric is a ponte di roma, and the range is called Beatrice, so I felt it would be rude not to buy some. The photo doesn’t show how gloriously teal coloured it is, a proper greeny bluey teal. At the same time, I bought a stripey jersey from them, which was a perfect colour match (sorry I can’t find it on their website now, as I say, it was about two years ago that I bought it, they probably don’t keep it in their regular stock). At the time I bought both fabrics I had a very clear vision in my head of a dress with the main body in the plain and sleeves in the stripes. I thought then I could use the Tilly & the Buttons Coco (I’ve had the pattern for years, and still haven’t quite got around to using it). But once I had decided to make a sweatshirt dress, I knew it was time to bust out this fabric combo. And I’m thrilled at how it worked out.

This is exactly what I imagined it would look like

I only had a smidge over 1m of the plain, so I decided to use the stripy jersey for all of the bands, at the cuff, neck and hem. And although the fabric stretchiness was more in the width, rather than the length, and would therefore favour making the bands stripe horizontally, I made a policy decision that the cuffs needed to stripe vertically. They’re slightly less stretchy that way, but I like the way they look.

I’m pleased to report I used the largest pattern size, adding 1 cm to the bust width, and shortening the sleeves by 6cm, but otherwise without any need for grading or adjusting. It was a doddle. As usual, the hard work goes into all the preparatory checking of measurements, tweaking of pattern pieces, cutting out and marking up. The actual sewing flew by. I did everything on my sewing machine, rather than hauling out my overlocker, because I was being lazy. But it goes to show you don’t need a fancy overlocker to make this. 

Winter warmth!

So hooray for the Winter Sewjo! I’m already thinking about other ways I can use this sweatshirt pattern in other cosy, snuggly makes (possibly converting it to a cardigan or maybe a hoody!), so watch this space…

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