I’m a bellydance teacher. Like so many teachers, I’m doing all my teaching online these days, live and direct from my living room! The background to my photos here is where I’m teaching, and as you will realise, it is quite dark. I don’t have a lot of flexibility to change things around for better effect, so I’ve decided I really need to wear bright colours, for my legs and hips and so on to stand out against this background. Time for some new leggings.

A good long while ago, my favourite pair of shop bought leggings finally died a death, and before casting them into the recycling, I ensured their memory would live on, by cutting them apart, and making a paper pattern from them. In fact, I still kept one leg piece, to act as a back up pattern! 

It’s a bit rough and ready! But it works.

So I had my pattern all lined up. I also had a shortish length of lycra fabric. It was a mystery fabric from a “lucky dip” bag I’d bought at a sewing show once, from Sew Sew Fabrics. It’s got really good stretch and recovery, so I’m guessing it’s got a high spandex content. It’s a weird beigey, browny, grey-ey colour, that I’m choosing to call Pewter. I had a bit less than a metre left of it after making a pair of yoga pants for a Simple Sew Blog make earlier this year. I also keep a supply of waistband width elastic in my stash at all times, because it is always useful, so I was all set to go.

I decided I wanted my leggings to have a slightly higher rise (because I don’t want to have to worry about the elastic possibly rolling itself down!), so I extended the top of the pattern by about 6cm. The writing at the bottom of the pattern is hard to read, but it says “this length goes just below the knee”, which is fine by me, I like Capri length leggings, and they make it easy for students to see what my legs are doing.

The construction was really easy- I cut two pieces, one for each leg, joined the front rise and rear rise, then sewed the inside leg seams. The last thing was to attach the waistband elastic, using the quartering technique. I haven’t hemmed the legs, because I know this isn’t going to fray. And as the youth say, Boom! 

Ready for my next bellydance lesson!

This is a definite win!

I’m so chuffed with how this has turned out. I’m ready to make more! I’ll have to hunt through my Costume Sewing Stash (which is a completely different stash) to see if I’ve got any suitable stretchy stuff to make into more leggings.

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