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The Big Floral Half Circle Skirt

As the end of Me Made May was waiting just behind the horizon, I got the inspiration to work on those UFOs, as I mentioned in my last post. One of those was a considerably long standing one, namely the Big Floral Half Circle skirt. Months ago, I had cut it out, including the waistband, which had iron-on interfacing pinned to it, all ready to actually, yanno, iron it on. Then it had sat unfinished, indeed barely even started, for maybe a year or so(?). All it needed was a back seam, a zip, a waistband and a hem. It was Bank Holiday Monday and I had a day’s worth of spare time, and I wasn’t feeling shattered from work. I was all set to finish it.

The back seam was the work of a moment, and the zip went in like a dream. It’s a lapped zip, and I’m feeling super-confident on those now! I do think the fabric helped, too. It’s a fairly heavy cotton sateen, with a slight stretch, and it sews up beautifully

Lapped zip

Lapped zip – a thing of beauty and a joy forever

The waistband needed a bit more work, I’d cut it rather wider than I decided I wanted it, so I had to do a bit of re-measuring and adjusting. I also mucked up the positioning a bit, and I was too lazy to correct it properly, so there’s a bit of a gap in the underneath part of the waistband (the bit where the button ended up) and it’s covered up by the other end of the waistband where the buttonhole is, so it’s not visible, but I’ll always know it’s there. But I’m not worrying about it, because I’m just so thrilled and excited by having actually done a machined buttonhole!



It’s the first time I’ve ever done a real one. It was so easy with the buttonhole foot, and the right programme on the lovely new Singer. I need to make some more things with buttons now!

And then, once the button was on, it was time to tackle the hemming. I was originally going to do a machined hem, because I’d had a late night the night before, hemming the Under the Sea dress. But then I had second thoughts –  the fabric was just too beautiful to ruin with a crummy machined hem. I wanted a lovely invisible hem for it. I tried the skirt on, and made sure the hem was level. Then I machined about 5mm away from the cut edge, and turned up to that mark, and turned up a second time, by about the same amount, to make a narrow hem. I pinned like a demon, and then I sewed. I was watching the Sewing Bee as it happens. It was rather nice to be sewing in a nice relaxed way while the contestants were having to sew to the usual ludicrous time deadlines.

And by the end of the day I had a skirt all ready to wear for the last day of Me Made May 2016.

Body shot

The last of the office selfies

Things I love about it: the fabric is lush, it’s got a lot of structure, it’s holding its shape well, but because of the sateen finish, it looks elegant, not lumpen. I adore the print, because I will always love gigantic floral prints, and because it combines a whole load of colours that work well for me, black, navy, grey, red, minty green. And it fits perfectly. I am kicking myself that I didn’t actually keep a record of the measurements I used, before I started sewing it up, because they would have come in very handy for the next one I make. I like the gentle flare of a half circle skirt.

I’m less than happy about my own stupid waistband laziness, because I could really have done the thing properly, if I’d only been bothered, but it is what it is… Nothing shows, it’s only in my head.

And this skirt has already earned a couple of compliments, so I’m definitely counting it as a win!