About Béa

BéaI’m Béatrice and I’m a would-be born-again sewer.

I’m a dancer and dance teacher, and my sewing used to consist mostly of dance costuming, which is a whole different kettle of beeswax from proper dressmaking. Now that I’m making actual sensible clothing instead, I want to build up my basic skills. I sewed a lot when I was younger, and am coming back to it with a far greater awareness of my own ignorance! I also want to create garments with a little bit of individuality about them.

I live in Guildford, a little market town south west of London (that would be the capital of the UK London, I know there are other Londons around the world). I haven’t yet found any sewing friends where I live, so I’m opening my arms to the big and wonderful world of the Sewing Blogs!