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An Addition to the Undies Drawer 

My car passed its MoT earlier this month, so the money I’d set aside for essential car repairs became spendable on other, more fun things. I decided to treat myself to Sew It With Love’s Pretty Knickers intro to lingerie workshop. Because who wouldn’t love to make pretty knickers?

The teacher was Rehana, who was fun to work with. We needed to amend the basic pants pattern for my mahoosive butt, which took up a chunk of time. But it means I now have a pants pattern I’m happy to use.

We learned how to insert the gusset (tee-hee! the word “gusset” is never going to be not funny), use a zigzag stitch to neaten the side seams, and the most fun part, adding the picot elastic. We didn’t quite have enough time for me to finish my knickers. I’d still got one leg-hole to do. I drove home thinking I’d have to finish it at the weekend, when I’d have time to get the right coloured thread.

But once I was home, I realised I was too impatient and instead of trying to find some cream/ivory thread, I decided I was OK with using white, if it meant I could finish these knickers.

My newest pair of knickers!

I love them! I’m dying to make more!

Whenever I take a sewing workshop I find I learn extra bonus things, this time it was cutting techniques, especially using my Patternmaster to make sure my bias is true.
We talked about what sort of fabric to use for this pattern. It’s essentially for lightweight wovens. If I want to try with jersey/knits, I think I’d have to cut up a pair of my most comfortable pants to make a pattern for it. But I believe I have the skills to manage that now.

Thanks to Elena of Sew It With Love, and to Rehana, for enabling me to fulfil one of my sewing wishes!